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Solution home Software Downloads Public. Here are the Synway Voicecard Drivers for this version of software, should you require them separately Synway5430.

Synway ATP-24A/PCIe (2.0) - 8 ports


The Synway ATP Series ATP-24A/PCI, ATP-24A/PCI+, ATP-24A/PCIe, ATP-24A/PCIe+, ATP-24A/PCI(2.0), ATP-24A/PCI+(2.0), ATP-24A/PCIe(2.0), ATP-24A/PCIe+(2.0) are 24-channel analog tap passive boards with PCI or PCIe bus, used especially for recording of analog subscriber lines.


Here we takes ‘SYNWAYPCI(USB)5327EN.exe’ (the installation package of SynCTI Driver Version for PCI boards) for example to unfold the installation procedure. Step 1: Run ‘SYNWAYPCI(USB)5327EN.exe’ and go to the ‘Choose Setup Language’ interface Go to the directory of the driver installation package, double click on. How To Install Unsigned Drivers In Windows 10 FIXED Both Windows 8 and Windows 10 are the most dependable OS and above all offers a user-friendly interface.

Synway digital
  • High-impedance passive monitoring through parallel connection
  • A variety of ways to start/stop recording
  • Support of simultaneous recording on 24 channels
  • Caller ID detection, FSK/DTMF support
  • DTMF digits detection
  • Simultaneous detection of DTMF and FSK
  • Programmable tone analyzer detects all kinds of tones
  • Activity/silence detection

Synway Digital

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) support in recording/playback operation
  • Call progress monitoring
  • Automatic detection of line voltage
  • Automatically checks board to see if recording modules are correctly inserted
  • ATP-24A/PCI+, ATP-24A/PCIe+, ATP-24A/PCI+(2.0) and ATP-24A/PCIe+(2.0) boards support hardware-based MS-GSM, G.729A and MP3 formats for encoding


310×115 mm2 (excluding L-bracket)
ATP-24A/PCI(2.0), ATP-24A/PCI+(2.0), ATP-24A/PCIe(2.0), ATP-24A/PCIe+(2.0):
160×111mm2 (excluding L-bracket)


≈250g (including 2 8-channel modules)
ATP-24A/PCIe, ATP-24A/PCIe+:
≈200g (including 2 8-channel modules)
ATP-24A/PCI(2.0), ATP-24A/PCI+(2.0), ATP-24A/PCIe(2.0), ATP-24A/PCIe+(2.0):
≈215g (including 2 8-channel modules)

Operating temperature: 0℃—55℃
Storage temperature: -20℃—85℃
Humidity: 8%— 90% non-condensing
Storage humidity: 8%— 90% non-condensing
Input/output Interface
Headset jack: One φ3.5 stereo jack
Telephone line jack: A 50-pin RJ21 connector

Audio Specifications
Codec: CCITT A/μ-Law 64kbps
IMA ADPCM 32kbps
Output power: ≥50mW
Distortion: ≤2%
Frequency response: 300-3400Hz(±3dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥38dB
Echo suppression: ≥40dB
Maximum System Capacity
Up to 10 boards concurrently per system; up to 24 channels per board

Power Requirements
+3.3V DC, 700mA

+5V DC, 200mA (PCI board only)
-12V DC, 120mA (PCI board only)
+12V DC, 100mA
Maximum power consumption: ≤12W (PC power supply only)
ATP-24A/PCI(2.0), ATP-24A/PCI+(2.0):
+3.3V DC: 900mA
+5V DC: 200mA
+12V DC: 100mA
Maximum power consumption: ≤8W (PC power supply only)
ATP-24A/PCIe(2.0), ATP-24A/PCIe+(2.0):
+3.3VDC: 900mA
+12V DC: 300mA
Maximum power consumption: ≤9W (PC power supply only)

Input impedance: ≥1MΩ/500V DC;
≥10kΩ/1000V AC
Insulation resistance for PC isolation from telephone line: ≥2MΩ/500V DC
Telephone line impedance: Compliant with the national standard impedance for three-component network

Download Synway Drivers

Audio Encoding & Decoding
16Bit PCM 128kbps
8Bit PCM 64kbps
A-Law 64kbps
μ-Law 64kbps
VOX 32kbps
ADPCM 32kbps
GSM 13.6kbps
MP3 8kbps
G.729A 8kbps
Sampling Rate

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