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  1. NORTH JUDSON, IN, USA U.S. Army SPC, TROOP C, 1ST BN, 14TH ARMOR, (3/2 IN BDE STRYKER), FORT LEWIS, WA QUYARRAH, IRAQ. Army Specialist Michael Wiesemann was twenty years old when he was killed at Quyarrah Air Base on May 29, 2004 of non-combat related injuries killed May 29 at Quyarrah Air Base, Iraq of non-combat related injuries.
  2. Wiesemann & Theis interfaces for TCP/IP, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, USB, 20mA Glass and plastic fiber optic, http, SNMP, OPC, I/O digital, I/O analog, ISA, PCI. Wiesemann & Theis makes use of Web-based management for process control and automation easy; offering durable small computers for DIN rail mounting.

Made for the #creatorsoftomorrow

WIESEMANN 1893 is direct-to-customer brand for hand tools and related consumables. The fully vertically-integrated E-commerce brand operates in Europe and North America and targets a new generation of makers and creators. Customers are able to shop a broad range of tools from bits to sledge hammers without leaving the home or construction site.

A brave approach to branding

In order to differentiate from established competitors the brand is based on more than quality and tradition. An image and a visual world around adventure, friendship and dedication makes WIESEMANN 1893 a unique player in the DIY industry. Focusing on a modern interpretation of the maker scene the company offers stories from its community - the creators of tomorrow.

A digital tool brand

Application: For years the RS232 interface has been established as a proven interface for connecting serial terminal devices over short and medium distances. In order to be able to use this reliable standard into the future, Wiesemann & Theis offers the USBRS232 Interface Cable 2 as a converter in the form of two meters of connection cable which enables connecting your RS232.

In a competitive landscape of traditional tool manufacturers focusing on brick-and-mortar retail WIESEMANN 1893 is operated 100% digital from sales and branding to customer service. The company's vision to become the first significant digital tool brand is supported by its 3D printing initiative ENABLE 3D. Customers are able to download specifically designed tool holders for every product of the company for free. The accessories are printed decentrally at home. Users are even able to submit their own designs with the community development program.

The iOS & Android app for Web-IO 4.0 and Web Thermometer

The Web-IOs from Wiesemann & Theis have for over 15 years been used to incorporate digital or analog in- and outputs into networks. Manual monitoring and switching is generally performed through the Web interface. The Web-IO app now offers a convenient alternative for fast access over a cell phone.


Download Wiesemann & Theis Usb Devices Driver Updater

  • Automatic inventorying

    • The Web-IO app automatically addsWeb-IOs in the local subnetwork to its inventory. Which devices can be reached once they have been detected can be seen at a glance.
  • Reading out inputs and counter states

    • The Web-IO app offers you convenient access to counter states, measurement values and switching states on the analog and digital inputs of your Web-IOs.
  • Switching outputs and setting output values

    • With the Web-IO app you set the states of the digital outputs or adjust the output values of the analog interfaces.
  • Installing via iTunes:

    Installing via Google Play:

Download Wiesemann & Theis Usb Devices Drivers

Application ideas


IT: Server room temperature in your pants pocket

Responsible employees use the Web-IO app to keep an eye on the temperature in server rooms and individual racks at all times.

Building supervisor and custodian: Access control

Custodian and building supervisor open doors and barriers from anywhere on the grounds.

And many others

The Web-IO app assists you wherever you want to monitor, switch and control by mobile means.

Supported Web-IOs*

  • For smaller applications

  • 6x potential-free switching

  • 12x Outputs (6-30V)

*The app supports all Web-IO models in the local network. For external connectivity, for example via dynamic DNS or a static IP, models with version number 4.0 are required.

Supported Web Thermometers

  • Temperature, relative humidity and air pressure

  • Temperature, relative humidity and air quality (VOC)

  • Temperature, single-channel

  • Temperature, multi-channel

  • Temperature and switching output

*The app also supports the older Web-Thermographs in the local network. For external connectivity, for example via dynamic DNS, models from the current Web Thermometer series are required (Art.: 577**).

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The app uses among others the following libraries:

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