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Add Fast Gigabit Ethernet and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Connectivity to Your Computer With One Adapter

Hello all, First post in the PowerPC forum, really at all, but I have been enjoying your PPC forum here for about a year now. You guys remind me of why I loved Macs when I first got into computers. You guys are like the cool video gurus in the 80s-90s on Quantel Paintboxes, Amigas, and SGI. Windows device driver information for Studioworks 775E. Studioworks 775 E is a CRT monitor with a tube size of 17 inches, developed by LG electronics. Some of its features include a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 and a dot pitch of 0.27 mm. The monitor connects through a 15 Pin Mini D Sub and the CRT type is a shadow mask type.

Do you need to connect high-speed USB 3.0 storage devices to your computer? What about getting connected to a wired network? Sonnet’s USB 3.0 + Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt Adapter provides you a simple, economical way to connect one USB 3.0 device, and to add a Gigabit Ethernet interface to any Mac® with a Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt port, or Windows® computer with Thunderbolt 2 ports. Featuring 10Gbps Thunderbolt technology, this compact adapter connects directly to your computer or at the end of a Thunderbolt device chain with its built-in Thunderbolt cable to enable fast data transfers between your drives, computer, and network.

USB 3.0 for Fast Performance and Common Connectivity


I've stripped the system down to a pair of known good interleaved RAM, basic graphics, single SCSI HD boot and get the same errors. The PPC 9650 usually runs a Sonnet G4 450Mhz CPU card which when reinstalled, works and boots the Mac without issue in the same configuration. CUDA and PRAM have also been reset. Sonnet specially engineered the Allegro USB-C card to provide 15W of power through each of its ports. The ports communicate with the host that 3A of VBUS current is available, enabling this Sonnet solution to support USB-C bus-powered SSDs and SSD RAID devices that need 15W during demanding write operations.

Most drives available today include USB 3.0 interfaces. Although you can connect them to the USB 2.0 ports on your computer, their performance would be reduced by as much as 85 percent! This useful adapter offers native USB 3.0 support to ensure great performance from the fast drives you connect, enabling data transfers at up to 350 MB/s. The USB 3.0 + Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt Adapter supports UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) support, ensuring that UASP-enabled external drives connected to the adapter achieve their maximum data transfer rate potential, with performance improved by up to 20% above the drive connected to a USB host without UASP support. Need to connect more than one drive? The adapter works with multi-drive enclosures(1) with hardware raid controllers, too. This adapter also supports hubs and other USB 3.0 devices, and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices(2). If your computer already has USB 3.0 onboard, this adapter provides another handy port.

Ratoc's PCMCIA CardBus PC Card Ultra SCSI Host Adapter provides seamless high performance 32bit integration with a whole range of Ultra SCSI (Fast-20) devices. Perfect for connecting Ultra SCSI based mass storage devices including SCSI hard drive disks, MO-Drives, or high end SCSI enabled scanners and printers. PCMCIA CardBus PC Card devices are true host adapters provide transparent connections to the host, and are not emulating SCSI over FireWire or USB. With the PC Card to Ultra SCSI Host Adapter, your CardBus equipped notebook PC can take full advantage of SCSI devices just like a desktop machine. The Ultra SCSI card comes with a High Density 50-pin (HD-50/IDC50) cable for standard Ultra SCSI peripherals.

The Ratoc PCMCIA CardBus PC Card Ultra SCSI Host Adapter features synchronous transfer rates of up to 20MB/s for Ultra SCSI devices making it far faster than many legacy PC Card SCSI solutions. Purchase an optional HD 50F to Centronics 50M adapter for use with older Fast SCSI (10MB/s) devices. The PC CardBus to Ultra SCSI adapter also works with newer SCSI standards when used with pinout adapters (gender changers) such as Ultra Wide SCSI and Ultra 160 SCSI, but limits throughput to its maximum (Ultra SCSI). In addition to internal active termination the card also features flexible power utilization allowing it to draw only 77mA when in power saving mode. For external SCSI devices only.

Part Number and DescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
PCM-SCSI-RUP Ratoc PC CardBus to Ultra SCSI Adapter For external SCSI devices only.
Ratoc informed us the main controller chip used to make their SCSI products has discontinued. We're sorry to announce this device is no longer available.
Requires 32 Bit PCMCIA PC CardBus Slot: [click for info]
Download correct drivers when Ratoc sends either the Lin, Win or Mac version of this device.
Optional Accessories
SCSI-RCL3005 High Density 50F to Centronics 50M adapter (Ultra to Fast SCSI I/II)$34.00
SCSI-RCL3068 High Density 50F to High Density 68M Adapter (Ultra to Ultra Wide/LVD SCSI)$34.00
SCSI-RCL3025 High Density 50F to D-Sub 25M Adapter (Ultra to Fast SCSI I/II Mac)$34.00

Features and Specifications

  • ACPI Capable
  • Low power consumption
  • Ultra SCSI rates up to 20MB/sec.
  • 32bit databus and 33MHz operation
  • Supports bus mastering data transfer
  • PCMCIA Version 2.1/JEIDA 4.1 Compliant
  • Advanced SCSI commands Scatter/Gather and Tag Queuing
  • Linux Kernel 2.2, 2.4 compatible
  • CE Approved
Warranty Information
  • Ratoc 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 20MB/s Ultra SCSI Burst Data Rate
  • 20MB/s Burst Data Rate for SCSI standards later than Ultra
  • 10MB/s Burst Data Rate for Fast SCSI
Bus Interface
  • CardBus PCMCIA PC Card
  • Ultra SCSI (Narrow)

Drivers Sonnet Scsi Device

SCSI Termpower
  • Internal Active Termpower provided
  • Does not supply Termpower to SCSI Bus
System Requirements PC
  • PC with CardBus enabled PC Card slot
  • Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, and Vista
  • Linux Kernel 2.2, 2.4
  • See Ratoc's System Requirements list for all supported hardware and operating systems
Package Includes
  • Ultra SCSI CardBus PC Card
  • 2 foot High Density 50pin cable (HD50)
  • CD-ROM with Drivers and Configuration Software for
    • CB31U Driver for Windows95/98/Me
    • CB31U Driver for Windows2000
    • CB31U Driver for Linux
  • SCSI configuration utility
  • Format utility
  • Windows XP install Guide
  • CB31U software CD-ROM for Windows Vista (If the package doesn't include Windows Vista CD-ROM, refer to Software Download Page)
  • User guide document
  • Software License Agreement
Sample Device Support
  • SCSI hard disk drives, SCSI CD-ROM drives, SCSI MO drives, removable SCSI hard disk drives, SCSI Zip drives, SCSI Jaz drives, SCSI PD drives, SCSI MD drives, SCSI image scanners, SCSI film scanners, SCSI CD-Recordable drives
Physical Dimensions
  • PCMCIA Type II Enclosure: 85.6 x 54.0 x 5.0mm (LWH)
  • Weight: 25 grams
Electrical Characteristics
  • Operational Voltage: 3.3 Volts ± 5%
  • Standard mode (read/write): 300mA
  • 300mA maximum operating (typical)
  • 130mA idle (typical)
  • 77mA power save mode (typical)
  • Approvals: CE, VCCI, FCC
Operating Environment
  • Operating temperature: 0° C to 55° C
  • Relative Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing


Drivers Sonnet Scsi Test

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