Drivers Visual Presenter V2 Cameras

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AllSpec Sheet - Product Description335.pdf21.1 MbpdfDownload
AllRelease Notes for Queue SoftwareQueue_Notes_012009.pdf01.09.2009243 KbpdfDownload
AllUser Manual335.pdf4.6MbpdfDownload
AllQueue User Manual for MacQueue_Mac_UserManual.pdf789 KbpdfDownload
AllQueue Software for Macqueue_Mac_8.00_Setup.zip8.01.3 MbzipDownload
AllView II Software for MacViewIIMac.zip661 KbzipDownload
AllQueue User Manual for PCQueue_PC_UserManual.pdf491 KbpdfDownload
XPQueue Software Installation Manual (XP)Queue_InstallationManual_XP.pdf640 KbpdfDownload
VistaQueue Software Installation Manual (Vista)Queue_InstallationManual_Vista.pdf492 KbpdfDownload
XP, Vista OnlyUSB335 SoftwareUSB335_Setup1.01.exe1.015.1 MbexeDownload
XP, Vista OnlyView II Software for PCsetup.exe6.5 MbexeDownload
XP, Vista, Win 7Queue Software for XP, Vistaqueue_install.exe8.07.1 MbexeDownload
Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bitQueue Software upgrade to Win7 DriversVisual_Presenter_V1_7.0.0_Setup.zip1.7.03.4 MbzipDownload
XP, VistaMigration from USB335 to/from Queue v8.0 will not work due to registry problemsNOTE: you may be able to use a restore point to get to a previous versionnoteDownload

Our Products regions in the worldwide,applying to finance and banking,insurance,communication,education,public institution,enterprise and other fields. Do not place the visual presenter on an unstable trolley, stand or table. Do not use the visual presenter near water or source of heat. Use attachments only as recommended. Use the type of power source indicated on the visual presenter. If you are not sure of the type of power available, consult your dealer or local electricity.

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  • Document camera is widely used and well-suited in education industry HD video display, high speed scanning Portable: Folding and multi-dimensional designs, ultra-lightweight Multiple scanning size: A6/A5/A4/A3 Multi-interface: VGA/HDMI /USB/WIFI Not only can be used independently, but also can work in combination with multimedia teaching equipment including platform, all-in-one device, electronic whiteboard and etc. Can be used as a wall - mounted visual presenter Application scenarios: Industry office window, Education & Training institutions. Enterprise & Personal scanning

  • High speed portable document scanner is well-suited for enterprises and personnel scanning use Fast scan: one second finish scanning Portable: Folding designs and and ultra-lightweight. Multiple scanning size: A6/A5/A4/A3 HD resolution:2 mega, 3 mega, 5 mega, 8 mega,10 mega Powerful software function: image processing, OCR, document management and etc. Application industry: Government, Bank ,Insurance, Secruities, Communication, Education, Logistics, Real estate, Business, Personal

  • High speed portable document scanner is well-suited for a wide variety of window industries Fast scan: One second finish scanning Portable: Folding designs and and ultra-lightweight. Multiple scanning size: A6/A5/A4/A3 Personalized Customization: Meet the special requirements applied in window tasks, such as Multi - camera lens scanning, ID card identification, fingerprint collection, barcode recognition. video and audio recording etc. Seamless integration and application in a wide variety of information software industry: provide SDK, API and control support

Drivers Visual Presenter V2 Cameras

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Drivers Visual Presenter V2 Cameras Wireless

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