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X-Mouse Button Control is a free tool for Windows that allows you to re-configure and expand the capabilities of your mouse.


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Please be aware that X-Mouse Button Control is a hobby project.
It is not affiliated with any mouse or trackball device manufacturer.
While I can not guarantee to provide any level of support, I try my best, free time permitting!

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X-Mouse Button Control (XMBC) allows you to create application and window specific profiles. This in turn, allows you to re-configure your mouse behaviour for individual applications or windows. For each profile you can also configure up to 10 'layers' of different button configurations which you can switch between using hot-keys or mouse buttons.
By default, profiles are automatically activated as the mouse moves over the defined window or application.
This has many uses, for example:

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  • Changing the behaviour of the mouse over certain windows, such as making the mouse wheel change volume when hovering over the system tray or you-tube video.
  • In games which do not natively support the extended, 4th and 5th mouse buttons, you can map keys to each button.

XMBC allows you to change the behaviour of the mouse buttons and scroll wheel. The extensive list of functions available to map to your mouse buttons includes options such as:

  • Send any keys using the 'simulated keystrokes' editor
  • Cording (shifting/combining) buttons perform different actions
  • Timed button actions, that change depending how long you hold a button down for
  • Launch any windows application
  • Clipboard control (Copy/Cut/Paste)
  • Media control (Play/Pause/Stop/Volume/Mute etc.)
  • Capture screen (or active window) image to clipboard
  • Click-Drag [Sticky buttons/keys]
  • Click-Drag [Sticky buttons/keys]
  • Various support for specific Windows operating systems, such as Flip3D in Vista, ModernUI/Metro in Windows 8 and Virtual Desktops in Windows 10!
  • And much, much more!

For more information about using and configuring X-Mouse Button Control, please check out the new user guide (mirror).

X-Mouse Button Control currently supports Windows XP, 2003, 2003 R2, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 7, 8, 2012, 8.1, 2012 R2, 2016 & 2019 (GUI version) and 10.
It was originally designed to run natively on x64 editions of Windows but it is fully supported on 32bit editions too! The installation determines what version is required (x64 or x86) automatically during installation.



In October 2018, I and two friends will be taking part in the 26th Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run.
The event once again involves a 2000 mile drive around Great Britain in a classic Triumph Stag saloon, all in 48 hours, pretty much non-stop except for food/fuel breaks!
This year, the chosen charity is Epilepsy Research UK so perhaps, instead of donating directly to XMBC, you could sponsor us instead. Two years ago, XMBC users made a big difference to our fundraising so be sure to leave a comment mentioning XMBC so I can see how many donations are as a result of you good XMBC users.

Please note that donations are just that. They are not intended to be used to persuade me to add new features or provide extra support - I do as much as I can for free and don't expect donations (although they are appreciated). You can donate with PayPal using the donate button.

You can also donate using Bitcoin using the button below:

Installation/Upgrade Information:

The installer will automatically close an existing instance of XMBC so you do not need to close or uninstall an old version before installing the latest.

X-Mouse Button Control is configured to run automatically when you log on to Windows.
This can be changed using MSConfig or the start-up tab in Task Manager on Windows 8 or later.

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  • A mouse and driver that supports up to 5 buttons.
    NOTE: If your mouse has 5 buttons but the 4th and 5th buttons don't do anything in by default - then XMBC may not be for you. This software relies on the driver to send the default 4th and 5th mouse button messages which usually default to BACK/NEXT in browsers and other programs. Having said that you can still remap the standard 2 buttons and scroll wheel.
  • A compatible version of Microsoft Windows.
    X-Mouse Button Control supports all 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) editions of Windows from Windows XP to 10, including Windows Server editions!


  • I have moved all the FAQ's to the forum to keep things consistent. Please take a look at this thread
  • If your question is not answered in the FAQ, please take a look through the forums and see if your question has been asked there.
    If not, sign up and ask away!
  • Please be aware that I have had many requests for XMouse but unfortunately I have also have far less time these days to work on it.
    I am primarily focusing on bugs that stop current functionality working rather than adding new functionality.

Screenshots (Click to enlarge)

  • Main Window

  • Simulated Input

  • Button Chording

  • Button Held (Time Dependent Actions)

  • Application Chooser

  • Window Finder

  • Settings Tab


Contact me if you have any questions/queries.
Preferably, sign up and discuss any problems in the Highrez Support Forums
Alternatively you can try emailing me at but PLEASE be aware that my anti-spam is set quite high so if you don't get a reply PM me on my forum!!


Please note that whilst the author actively runs and tests this software on several machines and different versions of windows, no warranty or guarantee on the performance of the software or that this software is free from bugs, is provided. Neither the author nor anyone else involved in the production, testing or delivery of this software shall be liable for any damages of any type.
All downloads are checked for known viruses at the time of publishing.

Copyright (c) 2005-2020 Phillip Gibbons (Highresolution Enterprises). Page last updated: June 2020.
ESP32-EVB development board with WiFi BLE Ethernet micro SD card UEXT and GPIO

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  • Works with Arduino for ESP32 if you have troubles refer to this document

USB drivers:

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