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Contact Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH Richard-Reitzner-Allee 6 D-85540 Haar. +49 (0)89 456 56-420. As basic functionality, five PLC connections and MySQL as database driver are available. Extension licenses are available for the use of MQTT, OPC UA, data logging to SD card (including Store&Forward), support for 15 PLC connections and other databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL. Automotive Industrial Softing Corporate.

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tManager enables direct bi-directional data exchange between enterprise systems like Microsoft SQL databases and ControlLogix PLCs. tManager is a ControlLogix module inserted directly into the PLC chassis. tManager eliminates a PC server, software application, or scripting sometimes used to orchestrate transactions between the PLC and SQL database. Using tManager to handle transactions instead of VB scripting or FactoryTalk Transaction Manager has the advantage of eliminating a server, eliminating software, increasing transaction speed, and decreasing project risk.

tManager allows downloading recipes and manufacturing instructions into the controller or uploading production tags for track and trace or monitoring in the database. Microsoft SQL databases are commonly used between MES applications and the production line.

Increasingly, manufacturing facilities are looking to connect PLCs directly to cloud applications such as AWS, Azure, Google, or IBM. Connection from plant floor to cloud can be done securely with tManager because it has two Ethernet ports, which are electrically isolated, and supports two IP addresses.

Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases are supported.

Softing Automotive Driver Job

Drivers are available to connect tManager in the ControlLogix rack via the front Ethernet port to additional Allen-Bradley PLCs, Siemens PLCs, Schneider PAC/PLCs, and Modbus PLCs.

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