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This listing is for a USED 12 Chevrolet Sonic Driver Side View Mirror Power 2413773.This part was removed from a 2012 SONIC stock number EDM111 and the mileage was 103000 miles. Please see the Part Fitment information below for proper vehicle fit and the.

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Hi !
I feel like the biggest noob here, I hope someone will be able to help.
I own a ROG GL502VMK with W10 and I had a few problems with Windows so I recently did a factory reboot - long story short, all of my programs were deleted, including all drivers and Asus softwares.
Now, I'm trying to reinstall Sonic Studio in order to modify & improve my mic settings, but I have miserably failed. I went on the Asus website to download the drivers and I also downloaded the installer for the Sonic Suite V2.4.13. (I can't remember which version I had before I rebooted, but that's the version the Asus website recommended here : )
So, I have the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver V6.0.1.8051 installed, but when I launch the setup for Sonic Studio, I get the following error message :
'The audio driver should be installed first.'
So, did I do something wrong, maybe ? Is this not the latest version ? Am I missing another driver ?
Also when I downloaded the audio driver the archive contained a whole lot of files, so all I did was launch Setup.exe and let the computer install, shut down and restart like it needed to do. Maybe I missed something there ?
The archive I got for the Sonic Suite also contains FineTuningTool.msi, I don't know what that is so I didn't touch it, do I need to ? Maybe ?
I also tried downloading the Sonic Studio 3 app on the Microsoft Store but the app just doesn't launch. It opens but is apparently stuck on the starting logo, like this :
I figure I might not be able to run this version of something, so I'll be happy to stick with Sonic Studio 2 if necessary, I just don't know how to install any of them.
Thank you !
P.S : Just in case, if I made any grammar mistake while explaining this, excuse my french ass.
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