Sony Hard Disk Controller Driver

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The HVR-DR60 hard disk drive can be used with existing HDV/DVCAM camcorders equipped with an i.LINK interface such as the HVR-Z1U, HVR-A1U and DSR-PD170P. However, use with the HVR-V1U offers unique features only available in this combination. How to copy video from a camcorder with a hard disk drive to an Apple Macintosh computer. Downloads ending for the Sony Raw Driver and some versions of. Follow the on-screen instructions to register the hard disk drive. A maximum of 8 hard disk drives can be registered. Unregistering your HDD. To unregister a hard disk drive: press HOME System Settings Recording Set-up HDD Deregistration, Select the device to deregister. After deregistration, recorded data cannot be played anymore. Today I contacted Sony chat support line re the Intel patch (Intel Sata driver registry patch - 080619a) as after it installs it, it keeps popping up again and again in Vaio Update (as if it is not installed). Sony tech rep told me to delete the Hard Disk ICH9M Sata AHCI controller driver from Devic. Check the Status of Your Hard Drive. Press Windows + R and the window will pop up. Input devmgmt.msc and press Enter. Choose Disk Drives and right-click the hard drive. Click Properties and check the status of your hard drive. If it is Ok, showing 'This device is working properly'.

Sony Hard Disk Controller Driver

Suggestions: The set of common drivers in [email protected] Boot Disk may not include the driver for your hard drive controller.

In this case, you can add or load additional drivers yourself...

Firstly, you will need to identify the type of hard drive controller you have in your computer.

You can look that up in the properties of My Computer — Device Manager — under IDE ATA controllers or under Storage controllers.

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Another way is to look up the specifications of your computer from the manufacturer's web page.

Sony Disk Player Repair

Whether you have a Dell, HP, Sony, Gateway or other brand of system, the manufacturer's support pages will identify what controller you have based on your system's model number or other service identifying number.

The manufacturer's support pages are also the location of where you can download the drivers for your system. You will need to download the 64-bit drivers as the [email protected] Boot Disk environment is based on a 64-bit version of Windows. Once you have downloaded the drivers, you may load them in one of three ways.

  1. When running the Boot Disk Creator add the driver INF and accompanying SYS files to the 'Add Drivers' section. These will be saved to the bootable media and automatically loaded when booting your system up.

  2. You may load the drivers after boot-up. Once booted into [email protected] Boot Disk, Click on the Start menu, then select 'Load Driver'. The dialog allows you to browse to the location of where you stored the driver INF and accompanying SYS files. Clicking on the INF file will load the drivers.

  3. Create a folder called Bootdisk_Drivers on the root of any drive that will be visible after boot (without requiring the extra drivers) and copy the required files to that folder. During the boot process, these drivers will be loaded automatically.You should now be able to access your hard drives after the driver is successfully loaded.

Tip: You can remove the Boot Disk Media at any time after boot-up and insert the media where you have stored your driver files to be loaded.

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