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I read many forums, but I could not configure HTPC. I'm new to Linux, so there are still difficulties. Available: Linux Mint 18.3, HTPC case Silverstone ML02 with Soundgraph Imon IR / LCD (15c20038), remote control Logitech Harmony Touch. Windows 10 enforces driver signatures by default. This can be disabled to install drivers that are not digitally signed. Use the following steps to disable driver signature enforcement. Click the Start menu and select Settings. Free fingervu 700 driver win8 soundgraph download software at UpdateStar - iMon is a resident program that monitors the remote control and manages all of its settings. IMon also controls Frontview, which is the software application that displays information on the secondary LCD screen and runs the touch-screen. IMON Manager(Previous)/iMEDIAN HD - Soundgraph Forums I remember the installer on this one, this is what I last installed on my old build. I could install the manager part and not all useless medion media stuff.It looks like the autoupdate doesn't work anymore however as I only get an error, so it looks like I can't actually get the latest. Trusted Windows (PC) download iMON 8.12.1202. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get iMON alternative downloads.

SoundGraph is a combination of words ‘Sound’ and ‘Graph’.
As the name indicates, our expertise includes both audio and video system. SoundGraph has been providing our customers with digital multimedia products and services since 2000.
The widespread of new digital media in the 21st century has brought about a wide variety of products and services related to creating, editing, and distributing multimedia. SoundGraph suggests a new concept of leveraging multimedia, from the user’s perspective.

SoundGraph started off as an in-house venture company of Samsung Electronics in 2000. Our first line of products were DJPAD2020 and D-Vinly2020, which are the world’s first touch pad and analogue turntable-based real time digital audio controller.
DJPAD 2020 is the prototype of click wheel interface, which was later adopted by Apple’s iPod. Many DJing instruments still use the same digital audio control method as analogue turn table used in D-Vinyl 2020.

In 2003, personal computers began to be used as home theater on PDP and LCD TV platforms. SoundGraph developed remote control based user interface, which made it possible for computers to be remotely controlled like other home appliances.
Soundgraph DriverA number of established computer brands both in and outside Korea have applied the technology to their products and pioneered the home theater PC market. We also offered infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) remote control, receiver, as well as a new software interface that enables users to manage and enjoy tens of thousands of media files on large screens.
SoundGraph developed a new technology that controls multimedia files on individual computer via wire and wireless USB monitors, which made it easier to enjoy music on home theater system. It also allowed users to take advantage of media files and widget information in a completely new way.
Furthermore, SoundGraph was one of the world’s first to develop a new multi-channel compressed audio file format that allowed users to configure each channel and instrument independently. Unlike conventional stereo audio digital files, it opened up more and new ways to enjoy digital audio.
Soundgraph driversSoundGraph jumped into the mobile multimedia applications industry in 2008, shortly after the first generation iPhone was released, to pursue a new business development. By 2012, we pulled out of the PC-based hardware market entirely and switched our focus towards the then emerging digital signage market.

Soundgraph Imon Driver


Soundgraph Imon Driver Windows 10

Digital signage is composed of display monitors, a content player, software to create and organize content, and software to remotely distribute and manage content. SoundGraph offers an entire range of solutions that is required for various purposes of digital signage.
As of early 2017, SoundGraph supplies to and manage over 10,000 displays at 2,000 retail shops worldwide. Our solutions include hardware (Android based YouFrame player and all-in-one Android board display), as well as software solutions (YouFrame editor, viewer, manager) that are serviced via Google Cloud and Baidu Cloud.
Newly emerging media content are spreading to diverse spaces through a rapidly increasing number of networks. SoundGraph will continue to develop creative and innovative new ways to provide and take advantage of digital media content.
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