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The ural driver supports USB 2.0 wireless adapters based on the Ralink RT2500USB chipset. The RT2500USB chipset is the first generation of 802.11b/g adapters from Ralink. It consists of two integrated chips, an RT2570 MAC/BBP and an RT2526 radio transceiver. The USB ID Repository. The home of the usb.ids file. Main- USB Devices. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c d e f all.

ADSL router with TI AR7 chip as central processor.

The Texas Instruments AR7 or TI-AR7 is a fully integrated single-chip ADSLCPE access router solution. The AR7 combines a MIPS32 processor, a DSP-based digital transceiver, and an ADSL analog front end.

Ownership history[edit]

In 2007, TI sold its DSL business to Infineon.[1][2]

In 2009, Infineon Technologies spins off its wireline division to Lantiq.[3]

On November 6, 2009, Lantiq announced that it became a standalone company.[4]


  • Integrated high performance MIPS 4KEc 32-Bit RISC processor
  • ADSLPHY subsystem based on TI C62xDSP, with integrated transceiver, codec, line driver, and line receiver
  • Hardware accelerated ATM Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR)
  • Integrated IEEE 802.3 PHY
  • Two IEEE 802.3 MACs with integrated Media Independent Interface (MII) and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Integrated USB 1.1 compliant transceiver (slave only)
  • Two VLYNQ interfaces for compatible high-speed expansion devices
  • Two 16c550 compatible UARTs
  • EJTAG, GPIO and 'Flexible Serial Interface' (FSER) interfaces
  • 4 KiB PROM (0xBFC00000) and 4KiB RAM (0x80000000) on the chip for boot purposes
  • Physical package of a 324 BGA with 1.0-mm ball pitch


  • AR7DB
  • AR7RD
  • AR7WRD (TNETD7300GDU) is an AR7 option with an interface for WiFi card.
  • AR7VWI : DSL + VoIP + Wireless
  • AR7VW
  • AR7WI
  • AR7V : DSL + VoIP
  • The Adam2bootloader[5]
  • The Pspbootbootloader[6]
Devices based on the Texas Instruments AR7
  • Actiontec GT701
  • Acorp W400G/W422G
  • Asus AAM6010EV : TNETD7300GDU, 2Mb FLASH, 8Mb SDRAM
  • Aztech DSL-600E: 2Mb FLASH, 8Mb SDRAM
  • Aztech DSL600ER: 2Mb FLASH, 8Mb SDRAM, 88E6060 Switch
  • Aztech DSL600EW: 4Mb FLASH, 16Mb SDRAM, 88E6060 Switch, TNETW1130
  • D-Link DSL-xxxT (like 300T)
  • D-Link DVA-G3342SB (DSL board only)
  • ECI B-FOCuS combo 352+, B-FOCuS Router 312+A
  • devolo dsl+ 1100 duo, dsl+ 1100 LAN
  • Efficient Networks, Inc / ENI SpeedStream 5100
  • Huawei WA1003A
  • LevelOne FBR-1416A: 2Mb FLASH, 8Mb SDRAM, 88E6060 Switch
  • Linksys ADSL2MUE 4MB Flash, 16MB ram, USB + 1 Ethernet only
  • Linksys AG241
  • Linksys WAG200Gv1
  • Linksys WAG54Gv2 and v3
  • Linksys WAG354Gv1, v2, and v2.1
  • Linksys HG200
  • Netgear DG834(G) (Version 1, 2, and 3 have AR7 Chipset; version 4 has Broadcom chipset)
  • Paradyne (Zhone Technologies) Hotwire 6210-A2, 6211-A2, and 6381-A2 (OEM Asus AAM6010EV)
  • Pluscom AWR-7200
  • Safecom SWART2-54125
  • Shiro DSL805(E/EU/EW)
  • Siemens SX541 uses real-time OS (SOHO.BIN) and BRN Boot Loader from the Broad Net Technology, Inc.
  • Siemens SpeedStream 4100/4200/5620/SE567
  • Surecom 9410SX-g
  • Solwise ADSL-SAR-600E/SAR600EW/SAR605EW
  • Sphairon Turbolink JDR454WB WLAN ADSL Modem (2548 937939)
  • T-Com Sinus 154 DSL SE
  • T-Com Sinus 154 DSL Basic SE
  • T-Com Sinus 154 DSL Basic 3
  • T-Com Speedport W501V
  • T-Com Speedport W701V
  • TRENDnet TEW-435BRM v1
  • Westell WireSpeed 2000 and ProLine 6100
  • ZyXEL Prestige 660 Series ADSL 2+ Modem/Router - Prestige 660M-67 (Arcor-DSL Speed-Modem 50Z)
  • 3Com Officeconnect 3crwdr100x series 3Com 3rcwdr100x series ADSL firewall router
Third-party firmware
  • RouterTech has released open source firmware.[7]
  • OpenWrt has open source firmware in development, available for testing.[8]


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This page describes how to enable support for WiFi devices based on Realtek 802.11a/bg chips on Debian systems.


  1. Realtek RTL8180, RTL8185, RTL8187, RTL8187B, RTL8187SE devices


rtl8180 and rtl8187 are drivers for Realtek 802.11b and 802.11a/bg wireless LAN chips, included in the Linux kernel.

Sphairon Access Driver License

The produced kernel modules are:

  • rtl818x_pci (supported devices)

    • Supports PCI devices based on the RTL8180, RTL8185 and RTL8187SE chips.
  • rtl8187 (supported devices)

    • Supports USB devices based on the RTL8187 and RTL8187B chips.

For all drivers, no firmware from userspace is required for device operation.

Realtek 802.11n/802.11ac devices are supported by different drivers.


  1. Connect the device to your system. The necessary kernel module is automatically loaded for supported devices.

  2. Configure your wireless interface as appropriate.

Supported Devices


The page HowToIdentifyADevice/PCI explains how to identify a PCI device.

The following list is based on the alias fields of modinfo rtl818x_pci in Debian 3.16 (3.16.7-ckt9-3~deb8u1) kernel images.


Sphairon access drivers

The page HowToIdentifyADevice/USB explains how to identify a USB device.

Sphairon access driver jobs

Sphairon Access Driver License Test

The following list is based on the alias fields of modinfo rtl8187 in Debian 3.16 (3.16.7-ckt9-3~deb8u1) kernel images.

Sphairon Access Drivers

See Also

Sphairon Access Driver Jobs

  • How to use a WiFi interface

External Links

  • https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/rtl8187

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