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I have SX drivers for 694 pro and lodestar on windows 10 - at this point probably 5 separate machines. No problems with those, so I don't think it's a driver/win 10 issue toggle quoted message Show quoted text. Starlight Xpress 5. Focuser: Robofocus 6. Flat fielder: Flip-Flat 5. USB serial adapter (PL2303-based) for controlling a mount via a serial port. I recommend ATEN UC232A. Powered USB hub 7. TRONSMART MK808 (with RK901 wifi) or MK808B (with RK903 wifi). I got it from Or any RK3066 mini PC stick + an external Ralink5370 usb. In the Device Manager, when I plug in the USB cable with the camera connected, under Universal Serial Bus devices I get the 'Starlight Xpress CCD' driver added. If I click on that, it gives the version as and the date. I use the 32bit version of the SX CCD driver as my PC runs under Win7 32bit Home Premium.


This plug-in driver is available as part of the Obsolete Driver Pack.

Please note that we strongly recommend loading the newer Universal firmware into the camera and using the SX Universal driver instead of using this legacy driver.

For this driver, please select SX MX7C USB on the Setup tab.

Starlight Xpress MX7C USB cameras connect to the PC via a USB interface. The appropriate Starlight Xpress USB drivers that come with the camera must be installed for the camera to work. Click here for MX716 USB cameras.

Set Readout Mode to Interleave for full resolution images, or Fast for interpolated images. Interleave will automatically switch between the 'progressive' and 'interlaced' mode when set to Interleave, depending on the exposure duration. The Update Progress setting is used to disable progress bar updates during image download. Doing so can prevent horizontal streaking caused by pauses in the readout.

Starlight Xpress Usb Filter Wheel

The Advanced button brings up the Starlight Xpress Hex File Utility.

The Starlight Xpress cameras use open-loop cooling, so the cooler controls are not enabled when this camera is in use.

Availability of this feature depends on Product Level.

Starlight Xpress Software

  • 1Hardware compatibility list

This page lists some devices and the status of their Linux driver or software used to control it. Most devices don't need drivers but software managing them. Many devices not listed below are supported by the INDI distributed abstraction layer. If you have some devices, you shall add them to the list or leave comments on how they work with Linux. For now, if the experience you have is with a different operating system, like FreeBSD or Mac OS X, you can put it on this page too.


INDI list of compatible cameras. Many of them use closed-source drivers and not many will work on all systems and all architectures.

  • For DLSR (reflex cameras), no need to make a full list of devices, they all can be controlled from the USB port using gphoto2, unless they are newer than the version you use. cccd can also use DSLR.
  • QSI cameras have a control API made by the manufacturer and software using it already exists with lots of features (including autoguiding): GoQat.
  • Atik cameras are supported by a non-free INDI driver. Code has been rewritten in 2015, but remains non-free, for newer cameras support and easier maintenance. A new implementation has just appeared for Atik ATK-16 cameras, in oaCapture.
  • QHYCCD is also supported by a non-free and very bad quality driver. A new version (2017) has been written, in which the samples don't even compile and work and there is no documentation. It will not work on all architectures. That said, TSNK-lab ICX285AL cameras, QHY5, QHY6, QHY9, QHY8L and DSI2PRO are supported by cccd. The QHY5 and QHY6 cameras are also supported by Qastrocam-g2. oaCapture also supports the QHY5M and QHY6, PlanetaryImager some QHY cameras too, but the status of the new driver made them remove support until it's stable again.
  • Apogee Alta and SBIG cameras are supported by the INDI-compatible XmCCD.
  • V4L2 compatible devices (webcams and video grabbers for example) are handled by many capture and guiding software.
  • Starlight Xpress cameras by GoQat and oaCapture
  • Finger Lakes Instruments (FLI) supported by INDI
  • The Imaging Source Firewire devices, in particular the DMK series cameras, using oaCapture, Coriander or GoQat.

And from external source, these cameras also seem to be supported:

  • Moravian Instruments G0 to G4
  • Andor

Telescope mounts or control devices

INDI list of compatible mounts (see the categories linked in this page too). Besides INDI, here's a list of mounts that are working with particular software.

  • LX200-compatible mounts: Meade, Losmandy, Astro-Physics and so on.
  • Skywatcher HEQ5 and EQ6 are supported by INDI drivers. Orion and Celestron mounts may be used with software compatible with Skywatchers.
  • Takahashi Temma-type mounts are supported by Temma-tools, a free software whose last version was released in 2008.
  • Paramount by Bisque is supported by RTS2
  • Argo Navis is supported by Kstars at least, since 2005. It also seems that there is a Linux and Mac OS X-compatible software on the installation CD provided by the manufacturer.
  • MCMTII is currently only fully compatible with Windows software, like PRISM or Ascom-compatible software. However, a setup console program for windows. A free alternative exists, but is not completely finished. It provides a basic command line utility and INDI driver and relative GoTo should work with CdC or XEphem.


Many are supported by INDI, here is the list.

  • Robofocus is supported by GoQat amongst others.

Filter wheels

Many filter wheels are made for a camera, and in this case, they are often compatible with software compatible with the camera. For example, GoQat supports QSI and Starlight Xpress filter wheels. INDI supports many wheels (list).

RS232 / USB converters

Starlight Xpress Cameras

Most of them are handled by Linux, a list has to be done.

Linux kernel sources links: documentation on usb serial devices and drivers and list of files in drivers/usb/serial (= list of chipset names).

Starlight Xpress Usb Devices Driver Download Windows 7

USB video grabbers

Many are handled by Linux too. The LinuxTV project has a wiki with a list of supported devices. Linux exposes these interfaces with the V4L API, so they can be used the same way as webcams.

Starlight Xpress Usb Devices Driver Download Mac

The em28xx chipset is an example of chipset used by many consumer products (see list). See links CARDLIST.* on the left for lists of products embedding other chipsets.

  • K├ľNIG CMP-USBVG6 is being tested. Its embeds the Trident TM5600 chipset and the Xceive XC2028 tuner. Here is the internal Link to the test of the device.
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