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StarNET Mobile allows you to access remote sites and monitor live video via network connection anytime, anywhere. StarNET Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices. Android OS powered phone devices from ASUS. BlackBerry mobile phone drivers. Version Date 10 Dec 2013 Size 3.8 MB. BlackBerry mobile phone drivers for devices running Blackberry OS 4-7. CAT mobile phone drivers. Version Date 26 Aug 2014 Size 4.2 MB. CAT B10 & B25 mobile phone drivers. Download Starnet for free. StarNet is a neural network that can remove stars from images in one simple step leaving only background. More technically it is a convolutional residual net with encoder-decoder architecture and with L1, Adversarial and Perceptual losses.

Webinar Information

Before registering, please read the information below. To participate in one of our webinars, you simply need a computer that will allow you to hear the presentation and participate in the polls, etc. It is NOT necessary to have a microphone, webcam, or telephone. Using mobile devices such as iPads and phones are discouraged. The webinars are very interactive and participation is expected. Because of this, the webinars are not recorded for viewing at a later time.

Webinar Fees

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All webinars are free of charge.

Status of Registration

STAR NET is an early childhood grant project. If registrations for a webinar exceed the allowed capacity, priority is given to family members of and professionals working with children age 3-5. Priority is also given to persons in Regions I & III (unless the webinar is a collaboration). Otherwise, registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Two weeks prior to each webinar, registrants will be sent an email regarding their status (confirmation, waiting list notice, or cancellation notice). If you do not get an email at that time, please contact us at [email protected] or (309) 298-1634 ext. 247.

To Cancel a Registration

To cancel a registration, simply reply to your confirmation for the webinar (or email [email protected]). We will, in turn, reply that we received your cancellation. Alternately, you may call (309) 298-1634 ext. 247. Timely cancellations are appreciated so we can notify those on the waiting list of the opportunity to attend. Registrants who neglect to cancel will be given a lower priority for future trainings.

Continuing Education Credit

The types of credit and contact hours available for a specific webinar will be listed in the description information. After the webinar, each person who fully participated will receive an email with his or her customized link to the evaluation. In order to receive a certificate, you will need to complete the evaluation within one week. At that time, the evaluation will be closed and those who completed it will be sent a personalized certificate by email.

If you are an Early Childhood Professional visit the following link: Early Childhood Professionals Webinar Registration Page

For Families and/or Family Educators visit the following link: Families and Family Educators Webinar Registration Page

StarNet Communications Corporation was founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1990 by engineers working part-time out of their home. Our corporate mission was to create and market powerful, yet affordable PC-X server products for corporate, education and government markets.

The first X Server product, MicroX, was launched in 1991. It enabled users of 286 and 386-based Intel systems to access the X Window System from their personal computers. Being self-financed, we lacked the resources for traditional sales and marketing operations. So the founders decided to utilize the internet for delivering the product and providing tech support for its customers.StarNet was quite possibly the first company to base its entire business model on the internet, because in 1991, the internet was mostly used by universities and government agencies. As a result, and aided by its low cost, simplicity and focus on the X server functionality, X-Win32 quickly became popular in these sectors.

In the late 1990s, we actively sought to broaden our share of the corporate sector, then dominated by half a dozen solutions costing two to four times as much. Our competitors typically offered a suite of solutions, mostly non-X server related (FTP, NFS, terminal emulation, etc.). As the enterprise market shifted towards more focused solutions, many firms found that X-Win32 nicely fit their needs and budget. Today, in the market for LAN-based legacy PC X servers, X-Win32 remains as one of three leading solutions along with OpenText's Exceed and Attachmate’s Reflection X. StarNet has also take a Top 3 position in the market for modern client-server solutions where it competes with OpenText's Exceed OnDemand and NX from NoMachine.

Aiding our continued success in expanding market share were four critical strategic advantages:

Adding value, rather than cost

Despite bringing many powerful innovations to market, StarNet has kept the cost of its products low, offering further discounts depending on volume.


Starnet Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download

As competitors merged or otherwise couldn’t keep up with the changing market, StarNet has grown its market share by bringing a steady stream of innovations to the market, starting in 2000 with integrating SSH and most recently with FastX which allows users to access their remote Linux and Unix desktop through standard PC browsers. Recently, FastX became the first remote Linux display solution to offer the display of Linux desktops using a standard browser. Now users can Linux access their Linux environment from any device with a browser, including iPads and smart phones. FastX is also the first-enable solution that is optimized for use with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ease of use

Despite its continuous evolution and addition of productivity-enhancing features, our products remain extremely simple to operate. Even the most Windows-centric user can easily bring up a remote Unix or Linux desktop and start working with applications on those hosts.

Great support

Starnet Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Updater

Our support services have always served as a great competitive advantage. All pre-sale support is free. Our Support & Maintenance Program includes all upgrades, phone, email, video conferencing and engineering support.

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