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Innovation strategy

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Our strategy : innovate a true driver of growth

Supratec is part of the industrial landscape for designing new products, developing unprecedented solutions and integrating innovative processes.

As part of our strategy and the ground-breaking innovations we create, we seek to surpass the need expressed by the client by understanding their implicit needs.

Our teams collaborate closely, thereby cross-pollinating our expertise and know-how.

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By refusing all technological compromises, we innovate differently and successfully integrate our solutions in factories and workshops all over the world.

Using the Fab Lab model, we created our own App’Lab. Application laboratories can test ideas quickly and bring out a team’s creativity.

By acting as a catalyst for the design process iterations, we reduce the “time to market” of products.

By creating these state-of-the-art technology platforms, Supratec strengthens its position as a Number 1 actor:

  • by offering manufacturers innovation
  • by being at the heart of factories and listening to business owners

Spaceline and Skyline,
two complementary workshops

On the back of our experience of over 50 years and relying on the synergy of our internal activities, we now have an unlimited capacity for creation. This manifests in the complete engineering solutions that improve our industrial clients’ productivity while optimising their value chains. Our approach to innovation, based on a “lean” approach, relies on rolling out an industrial model around two workshops:

Supratec Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

our prototyping workshop

1500m² exclusively dedicated to the creativity of the front-runners that will become the standards of tomorrow.

In the heart of this workshop, the creation of an application laboratory allows our clients, sub-contractors and partners to discover our upcoming products and test them in an application environment. Through Spaceline, Supratec’s Factory of the Future 4.0 will be a place of reference, a showcase, and a test space.

Skyline, our assembly and industrialisation workshop

Turning our innovations into robust solutions and mastering production of our products in our over 2000m² workshop.

Our new design and assembly workshop was opened at SUPRATEC Lormac in Spring 2017. Industrialising the front-runners of Supratec is, for all internal actors and the accompanying ecosystem, an opportunity to optimise their productivity and business and be part of revitalising the Lorraine territory. Supratec’s Factory of the Future 4.0 will be a place of reference, a showcase, and a test space in an application environment.


The results of our innovation strategy : our front-runners

Supratec innovation is embodied in our “front-runner” creations. They improve manufacturers’ production performance and position the Individual at the heart of future industry challenges according to three approaches.


For SML, when aeronautical outfitter Safran wanted to half their LEAP engine assembly cycle (5 days instead of the then 10), they counted on the SML ergonomic manipulator. The self-guided SML robot autonomously transports aircraft engines weighing nearly 2 tonnes for a faster and more fluid production.

We register all our developments as part of our CSR approach


Our patents filed with the INPI

Member of the Aerospace Valley
Member of the Club ETI Île-de-France
French Fab accredited
Member of the MATERALIA centre of excellence
Member of the United Nations Global Compact

Industrial Makers
Innovative ecosystem for assisting startups

Ideas in the industry and industry in the ideas.

We share our expertise with startups and bolster them so that we can offer our partners new innovations and build the industry of the future.

Supratec Laptops & Desktops Driver Downloads

Supratec invests in its industrial expertise and agility in order to make the innovative projects of today, a reality of tomorrow.

Our partnership with specialist incubator Impulse Partners is part of this approach. It creates a link between the startup, the big groups already present at Impulse Partners, and Supratec.

So that our ecosystem is complete, we collaborate with incubators from large companies and prestigious universities to direct our expertise towards the widest audience.

Our final pillar, intrapreneurship, has already allowed us to transform our company and industries. This culture, centred around innovation, goodwill and serendipity, is necessary to continue offering the right solutions to our clients.

Our objectives :
  • Develop intrapreneurship by giving internal ideas the chance to become reality
  • Assist with external creations and developments by startups thanks to our expertise and flexibility in the industrialisation phase
  • Create an energy, enthusiasm and the conditions for success thanks to this startup-incubators-SME ecosystem
Industrial MakersIndustrial Makers

If you want to industrialise your prototype or develop an industrial solution, Industrial Makers allows you move on to this industrialisation phase.

Supratec laptops & desktops driver downloads

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