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Since 1955, Fraley & Schilling has consistently focused on continuous improvement to not only provide a great service, but to give the best of the best drivers the opportunity to join a company on the “cutting edge”. With that in mind, we exclusively recruit and employ a driver support staff who are not only trained professionals, but also have a genuine appreciation for the life and challenges that are put in front of drivers everyday.

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T-com Driver
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For us, weekly hometime isn’t just an empty saying. Our entire operation is bent around getting you home as often as possible. If we don’t think we’ll get you home enough, we’ll let you know that we’re not a good fit, simple as that.

Larry Wolferst

T Less Driver.com

I have worked here for 7 years now! I like working here, everyone is nice and very helpful! At F&S I’m a person, not a truck number, and I have a great driver manager. Everyone (drivers, managers, administration, etc.) treat you with respect. I will keep trucking here ’til I can’t truck anymore.

Brandon Wallen

Fraley and Schilling is, hands down, the best job I’ve ever had! This company is very professional, courteous, and family-oriented. I am home every weekend and it’s a full weekend! By the time orientation was over, they knew me by name. I highly recommend driving for Fraley & Schilling!


Dominique King

My time at F&S has been great! It’s great that they call us by name, not truck number. There is nothing like going in the terminals in Knoxville or Alcoa and everyone knowing who you are. They are amazing and make you feel important as a driver.

We know that trucking can have some “paycheck anxiety” when breakdowns, travel restrictions, and more keep you from driving. With our consistent weekly pay, you can worry less about not being able to keep the wheels rolling. With our customer based freight, we make sure to keep your weekly miles up, and the time you depend sitting at a minimum.

T-com Driver
  • Due to COVID-19 all classes are being conducted in a virtual classroom that you can take from the safety of your home..

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  • All American Driver Improvement is about to change your driving habits and help you become the safe driver you have always known you should be.

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  • Many Judges will allow you to complete our course to prevent points and citations from being posted to your driving record.

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  • All American Driver Improvement will help you avoid suspension of your license or help keep a citation from becoming part of your record.

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We are proud to be the All American Driver Improvement Class you will never forget. Each time you drive, you will remember our treatment techniques, which work for a LIFETIME of safe driving.


All American’s 8 hour course is filled with information and illustrations with videos, power point lessons and actual photographs of drivers who made mistakes you will learn to avoid.T-com Driver Read More


All American’s 4 hour (short course) is designed to meet the court’s approval and help you keep the points and citations off your record. Read More

All American’s classes are taught by professionals with many years of teaching and law enforcement experience. We will teach you simple techniques to keep yourself safe as you share the road with others. You won’t be disappointed- GUARANTEED!

We will answer the questions you have not been able to get an answer for in your special situation. We know the laws and how the courts work to help you understand.


Learn how to avoid collisions
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