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Teles AG Informationstechnologien is a Germany-based provider of communication solutions for carriers and business customers. It offers mobile services and network migration services, as well as. Company PNP ID Approved on Date; Boca Research Inc: ZZZ:: Zyxel: ZYX:: Zytex Computers: ZYT:: Zypcom Inc: ZYP:.

  1. Teles AG Informationstechnologien is a Germany-based provider of communication solutions for carriers and business customers. It offers mobile services and network migration services, as well as interconnect and cloud solutions for network operators.
  2. TELES AG Informationstechnologien provides this document ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. TELES AG I nformationstechnologien reserves the right to make changes in product design or specifications without notice.
Feb. 7, 2011 - PRLog -- Berlin, Germany – February 7, 2011. TELES, the Berlin-based next generation network and access gateway vendor, today announced its newly arranged and extended portfolio of access gateways. There are three main product lines designating products for carrier and enterprise markets: The VoIPBox product line includes all of the VoIP-ISDN gateways with 4 to 180 VoIP channels and various BRI and PRI interfaces. The ECOTEL product line includes all of the TELES mobile radio gateways with 1 to 4 mobile radio channels, including the new 3G gateways and the GSM gateways acquired from Vierling in 2010. The iGATE product line encompasses all of the modular mobile radio gateway systems with 4 to 32 GSM or UMTS channels in a 19” chassis. TELES restructured its product portfolio to help distributors, system integrators and specialized dealers more easily select the best solution for their customer-specific needs.
Emphasis on VoIP-ISDN gateways
“TELES offers a complete portfolio of access gateways supporting all of the conceivable interfaces including VoIP, BRI, PRI, analog, GSM, UMTS, GPRS and HSDPA”, said Frank Paetsch, CTO of TELES. “After acquiring Vierling’s GSM gateway product line and developing some new 3G gateways of our own, we thought it was time to restructure the portfolio. The product names now clearly reflect the three different product lines. This should help customers to find what they need more intuitively and enable fast selection of the appropriate products.” TELES is dividing its product portfolio into VoIPBox VoIP-ISDN gateways, compact ECOTEL mobile radio gateways and flexibly configurable iGATE mobile radio gateway systems in a 19” chassis. “Most notably, the VoIPBox VoIP-ISDN gateways released for distribution and retail sale in 2010 are now featured as a separate product line”, added Frank Paetsch.
Important data at a glance
“All of the most important information about the gateways is now recognizable at a glance”, said Thomas Haydn, Product Marketing Director. “Based on the product name, the customer can immediately tell whether it is a mobile radio or VoIP gateway and how many interfaces are available.” The VoIPBox product line includes the VoIPBox BRI and VoIPBox PRI model series. For VoIPBox BRI, the number after the model series designation indicates the number of BRI ports, while for VoIPBox PRI, it indicates the number of VoIP channels (SIP and H.323). All of the compact mobile radio gateways with 1 to 4 GSM channels belong to the ECOTEL GSM series. Devices with the “classic” suffix are part of the product line acquired from Vierling. All of the products in the ECOTEL 3G series have UMTS/HSDPA channels. For all of the models, the number after the model series designation indicates the number of mobile radio channels. Extended device designations provide details about any other interfaces such as the number of FXO, FXS or BRI ports. The multichannel mobile radio gateway systems in the iGATE product line are available as iGATE GSM with GSM modules and iGATE 3G with UMTS/HSDPA modules. All of the gateways in the iGATE product line are 19” rack systems.
Product overview
VoIPBox product line
VoIPBox BRI-2: VoIP-ISDN gateway with 2 BRI ports
VoIPBox BRI-4: VoIP-ISDN gateway with 4 BRI ports
VoIPBox BRI-8: VoIP-ISDN gateway with 8 BRI ports
VoIPBox PRI-16 to PRI-180: VoIP-ISDN gateway with 16 to 180 VoIP channels (SIP and H.323)
ECOTEL product line
ECOTEL GSM-2: GSM gateway with 2 channels (previously VoIPBOX GSM)
PhonesECOTEL GSM-4: GSM gateway with 4 channels (previously VoIPBOX GSM)
ECOTEL GSM-1 classic: GSM gateway with 1 channel (previously Vierling)
ECOTEL GSM-2 classic: GSM gateway with 2 channels (previously Vierling)
ECOTEL GSM-4 classic: GSM gateway with 4 channels (previously Vierling)
ECOTEL 3G-2: UMTS gateway with 2 channels (previously VoIPBOX UMTS)
ECOTEL 3G-4: UMTS gateway with 4 channels (previously VoIPBOX UMTS)
iGATE product line
iGATE GSM-4 to GSM-32: Multichannel GSM gateway with 4 to 32 channels
iGATE 3G-4 to 3G-32: Multichannel 3G gateway with 4 to 32 channels
A Deutsche Boerse Prime Standard listed company with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, TELES (DAXsector Software, ISIN DE0007454902) has two business divisions: Next Generation Networks (NGN) and Access Gateways (AGW). For development, sales and technical support, TELES has branch offices in Austria and India along with a global network of partners. TELES provides worldwide wireline and wireless telephony service providers with complete Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch solutions, VoIP gateways and mobile gateways for GSM, CDMA and UMTS networks. We at TELES are proud of our successful track record having deployed more than 200 live carrier and service provider networks with millions of voice ports. Additional information:
Additional information
TELES AG Informationstechnologien
Thomas Haydn
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 8
10587 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 39928 042
E-mail: [email protected]
Corporate Communications
Dr. Markus Diehl
Tel: +49 9545 359 430
Fax: +49 9545 359 693
E-mail: [email protected]
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TELES supplies service providers with complete softswitch solutions which are standard based with scalable architecture that minimizes integration time enabling you to go live quickly. TELES product portfolio also includes VoIP and mobile gateways.

Berlin, Germany, November 24, 2017 --( TELES AG has released version 5.0.1 of its MobileControl app. One decisive innovation in this upgrade completely reflects the company's mission: To make telephoning as simple as possible.

In order to fulfill this aspiration, the Apple CallKit has now been integrated into the MobileControl app. This permits the application to use the telephone interface preinstalled by the manufacturer - resulting in a range of benefits. For instance, to date it was required to purposely switch on the app, in order to be able to make or receive phone calls. Now, following installation, the application already runs in the background, where it consumes less power and is available at all times.

The Apple CallKit contains a further important function: Voice-over IP calls are now on an equal par in terms of their priority and no longer interrupted by incoming (GSM) calls. 'It was often the case to date that when you had an important call to make, you'd opt for conventional mobile telephony to do so, in order to avoid any embarrassing moment when your call might get terminated or cut off. A risk like that is now a thing of the past, which is, of course, a major plus. A plus that you also see on your financial spreadsheets - especially when you keep in mind that voice-over IP calls represent the most cost-effective solution available right now, and that by a long shot,' Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO of TELES AG explained. For him, however, a completely different aspect has proven critical. 'With the Apple CallKit, we've been able to tap into and exploit all of the benefits and advantages that such cutting-edge technology provides - while at the same time, on a purely visual level, we're still using the same interface you've completely familiar with. And that increases the affinity, the willingness to use this app, incredibly.'

The TELES MobileControl App 5.0.1 is available immediately under:


TELES AG has the decisive body of knowledge that has been developed with the many advances achieved in technology. TELES AG has consistently released numerous groundbreaking products for the telecommunication industry, with a focus especially on service providers and business customers. Whether these concern the ISDN TELES.PC card or now the cloud based communications solutions - at TELES AG the overriding design and development aspiration is to facilitate a more open and especially user-friendly world of work. In more than 60 countries, TELES AG works together with more than 300 key customers and partners - with the opportunities for communication solutions that arise from this just as wide-ranging yet individual as the lives of the customers who then use these products.

Teles Ag (2000-06-26) Mobile Phones Handset

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