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  • TeVii S470 DVB-S2 PCIe. Low power consumption DVB-S2 chipsets. Bundled software MyTeVii. Trial version of ProgDVB Pro. Bundled IP software TeViidata: The TeVii S470 DVB-S2 PCIe TV tuner turns your computer into a real multimedia player.

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TeVii S470 Card

A DVB-S2 PCIe card from TeVii Technology Ltd

  • 1Hardware/Features
  • 2Linux support
    • 2.2Kernel 2.6.33 and newer


  • PCIe x1 low profile

Components Used

  • RF Tuner: MontageM88TS2020
  • Demodulator: MontageM88DS3000
  • PCIe bridge: Conexant cx23885


Tevii S464 Driver Download

PCI id: [d470:9022]


Linux support


Here are all drivers from the manufacturer:

Kernel 2.6.33 and newer

Those kernels have in-build drivers.

Download and install firmware

Thats it, your card should be working now.If you configure your own kernel, be sure to enable

Remote support in 2.6.36

Tevii Driver Download Free

Kernel 2.6.36 added support for the infrared remote, but was disabled after it caused nasty effects for some people.If you are feeling lucky, you may try to enable it by passing the argument 'enable_885_ir=1' to the module, e.g.

or whatever config file your distribution uses for that. However, you have been warned, it worked instantly and without further configuration, but after pressing like 20 buttons on the remote my system completely froze.

Older kernels

Use the s2-liplianin v4l branch.

You can use this script to download and compile firmware/driver

(thanks to ticapix)

This work for me on Debian Squeeze (2.6.32):


  • remote (here is some info about the remote: http://linuxtv.org/hg/~awalls/cx23885-ir )

External Links

Retrieved from 'https://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php?title=TeVii_S470&oldid=29055'

The TeVii S464 DVB-S2 PCI TV tuner turns your computer into a real multimedia player. Simply plugged into an available PCI slot, S464 just needs to be connected to a satellite cable connection. Now all you have to do is install myTeVii software (or bundled ProgDVB software), and just like that, you're ready to receive many channels in DVB-S/S2 standard (Digital Video Broadcasting). It's just that easy to turn your computer into a digital television with a hard drive video recorder and many other exciting features.

Abundant features of myTeVii software
As customized version of the most popular Satellite TV viewing software myTheatre, myTeVii has full range of popular features as its original version: the functions include: time shifting, electronic program guides (EPG), digital video recording (Instant & Pre-scheduled), Subtitle. You can program the system to record with just a click of the mouse. With pre-scheduled recording, the computer boots up from standby or sleep mode precisely when the chosen television show begins and then saves it on your hard drive automatically. It's even easier to record using the electronic program guide, or directly, while a program is in progress. Just press the corresponding button on the remote control. No matter how you plan your recordings, they can be viewed immediately, even while the recording is in progress! You could burn your favorite recording into CD/DVD and share with your family & friends.

Satellite Internet Ready
Along with IP Software TeViiData, TeVii S464 enables you to surf on Internet via Satellite broadband with service provided by major Satellite Internet Providers including.

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