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  1. Tevii S420 Driver Download
  2. Tevii S662 Driver
  3. Driver Tevii S660
  4. Tevii S471 Driver Windows 10
TeVii S470 Card

These two fields allow to specify a different default assignee for ticket opened against this package in bugzilla. Note: The EPEL field is always displayed for packages in the 'rpms' namespace regardless of whether it is used in bugzilla or not. No computer, no drivers and no special software is required to use A480, making it easy to use. With its auto-stop recording functions, you can preset the recording time at 60/90/120/150 minutes.

A DVB-S2 PCIe card from TeVii Technology Ltd

  • 1Hardware/Features
  • 2Linux support
    • 2.2Kernel 2.6.33 and newer


  • PCIe x1 low profile

Components Used

Tevii Driver
  • RF Tuner: MontageM88TS2020
  • Demodulator: MontageM88DS3000
  • PCIe bridge: Conexant cx23885


PCI id: [d470:9022]

Linux support


Here are all drivers from the manufacturer:

Kernel 2.6.33 and newer

Those kernels have in-build drivers.

Download and install firmware

Tevii S420 Driver Download

Thats it, your card should be working now.If you configure your own kernel, be sure to enable

Tevii S662 Driver

Remote support in 2.6.36

Kernel 2.6.36 added support for the infrared remote, but was disabled after it caused nasty effects for some people.If you are feeling lucky, you may try to enable it by passing the argument 'enable_885_ir=1' to the module, e.g.

or whatever config file your distribution uses for that. However, you have been warned, it worked instantly and without further configuration, but after pressing like 20 buttons on the remote my system completely froze.

Older kernels

Use the s2-liplianin v4l branch.

You can use this script to download and compile firmware/driver

(thanks to ticapix)

This work for me on Debian Squeeze (2.6.32):

Driver Tevii S660


  • remote (here is some info about the remote: http://linuxtv.org/hg/~awalls/cx23885-ir )

External Links


Tevii S471 Driver Windows 10

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