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TEXA, specialists in autodiagnostics! TEXA IS ALREADY IN 2021 WITH THE NEW CALENDAR BY MILO MANARA. The illustration designed by the Maestro from Verona is dedicated to the innovative smart headlight-centring device eLight, but is also wants to be a symbol of. The Diesel Laptops Desktop Launcher is the quickest and easiest way to access, learn about, or get support for all the software on your dealer level diagnostic kit and it is fully integrated into TEXA’s IDC5 Software. TEXA IS ALREADY IN 2021 WITH THE NEW CALENDAR BY MILO MANARA The illustration designed by the Maestro from Verona is dedicated to the innovative smart headlight-centring device eLight, but is also wants to be a symbol of good omen for a new year full of opportunities.

TEXA Axone Nemo 12″ Rugged Tablet with Navigator TXTs Diagnostic Scanner

Top-tier multi-brand diagnostics in one package

  • Intel Adds Support for Iris Xe Max Graphics (DG1) - Get Version This driver fixes crashes seen when launching Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Call 800-399-9495 for quick answers and help! Brand New Texa Heavy Truck Diagnostic Dealer Package with Toughbook ready to Go! Dealer Level Access on EVERYTHING: Full Live Tech Support, 2 Year Full Warranty Purchase Yours Online Today The TEXA is a ground breaking software application that gives you dealer level functionality inside an easy to use prorgam.

Tired of purchasing separate diagnostic software and tools for each equipment make? TEXA has developed communication and diagnostic protocols for almost every major manufacturer around the world.

With the same TEXA diagnostic kit you can service your on-highway truck then turn around and work on off-highway construction or agricultural equipment.

Costing less than most OEM “lite” software, TEXA provides top-tier diagnostics including:

  • Identifying fault codes
  • Perform service routines
  • Configure replacement components
  • Adjust and set parameters
  • Perform stationary regens
  • Perform cylinder cut-out tests

What you need

The TEXA diagnostic toolset consists of three components:

  1. A laptop or tablet running TEXA diagnostic software
  2. TEXA Navigator TXTs universal diagnostic adapter
  3. Cabling to connect to your vehicle’s diagnostic port


J-Ball Electronics has a range of packages to suit your equipment and application:

  • Your laptop loaded with TEXA Software
    If your laptop meets the minimum requirements we can load TEXA software onto your laptop, provide a Navigator TXTs and cabling to connect to your trucks/equipment.
  • Panasonic Toughbook Package
    A brand new (never refurbished) Panasonic Toughbook, Navigator TXTs and cabling for your truck/equipment gives you the benefits of Toughbook and TEXA in one package.

Check out the list of trucks and equipment TEXA covers and if you’d like to try before you buy look at our TEXA Diagnostic Tool Rental Kits.

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All of our TEXA laptop diagnostic kits come standard with a Panasonic CF31 Toughbook. These are the most rugged laptops on the planet, and each of them goes through an extensive refurbishment process. This post is intended to show you exactly what you are receiving, along with upgrade options.

Our Standard Laptop Diagnostic Kits

Our standard laptop kits for TEXA are more than adequate for most customers, but we understand that sometimes customers want to add a little more. Our base kit includes:

Brand new 120 GB Solid State Drive

These are not “normal” hard drives you find in a laptop or desktop, which are usually mechanical hard drives that spin like an old-fashioned record player. Solid State Drives are essentially blocks of memory with no moving parts. What this means for the customer is battery life, longer warranty (5 years on the hard drive itself), and improved performance. For all the details on the difference, our friends at Storage Review have a great blog post on it.

Brand new 8 GB of RAM.

We have our own private line of Diesel Laptops branded DDR3 1600MHZ RAM that is held to the highest quality and standard. We offer a lifetime warranty on it.

Windows 7 Professional.

We are an authorized Microsoft Refurbisher, and all our laptops are delivered with a Genuine Windows Certificate of Authenticity.

Professionally refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 Laptop

Our laptops are professionally refurbished and held to the highest standards. The laptops are completely dis-assembled, inspected, cleaned, and damaged or worn our parts are replaced with new. Each laptop is backed by our 12-month warranty. The Panasonic Toughbook line is most rugged laptop you will ever see and can easily take a lot of abuse and keep working. See the video below to see how the CF-31 handled our torture test, where we beat it was baseball bat, set it on fire, drug it behind a truck and more.

Wireless Connectivity

All our kits come standard with Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities. Every functioning component is thoroughly tested and inspected multiple times before being delivered to the customer.

You can expect our standard laptop kit to look great, and last for a long time. The average boot-up time from turning the laptop on to working in Windows is less than 20 seconds. We back up each laptop kit with the same 12-month warranty that would come with a brand new model.


Our base kit includes 8 GB of DDR3 1600MHZ RAM, but you can upgrade to 16 GB of DDR3 1600MHZ RAM for additional $150.

Hard Drive Size

For our clients requiring more hard drive space, we offer 3 upgrade options:

  • 120 GB SSD to 240 GB SSD upgrade for $75
  • 120 GB SSD to 480 GB SSD upgrade for $150
  • 120 GB SSD to 1 TB HD upgrade for $50

Please note that the 1 TB upgrade option is not a solid-state drive. This means degraded computer performance and shorter battery life.

Operating Systems

While Windows 7 Professional is our standard version, customers can upgrade to Windows 10 Professional for another $50. You will receive a genuine Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity with your purchase.


Office 365

Since we are an authorized Microsoft Refurbisher, we can also sell Microsoft Office 365 licenses. These licenses can be used on any computer you wish to install them on. We can not install or register this software for you, as the end user must do this. Registering this software requires authentication with your email and/or mobile device.

  • Microsoft Office 365 for 1 PC or mobile device for $80
  • Microsoft Office 365 for 5 PCs or mobile devices for $100


Sometimes customers prefer a tablet over a laptop, so we have upgrade options for this as well:

  • Upgrade from CF31 to Surface Pro 4 Tablet with Armor for $250
  • Upgrade from CF31 to TEXA Axone Nemo for $1900

Drivers For Desktop

The TEXA Axone Nemo tablet is the most rugged tablet you will find. It can float on water, has multiple cameras, and is held to the highest quality. It is 100% Italian made. For more information on the Axone Nemo, please watch the video posted below.


We thank you for looking at DieselLaptops for your diagnostic needs. We encourage you to contact us via the form below or call us at 888-983-1975 option 1 for any questions you may have. Furthermore, if you need TEXA training, we are glad to offer a free webinar every Wednesday. Please see our blog post here to enroll for the webinar.

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