Texas Instruments Port Devices Driver

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Multiqueue & CBS & MQPRIO¶

Texas instruments usb 3

The cpsw has 3 CBS shapers for each external ports. This documentdescribes MQPRIO and CBS Qdisc offload configuration for cpsw driverbased on examples. It potentially can be used in audio video bridging(AVB) and time sensitive networking (TSN).

The following examples were tested on AM572x EVM and BBB boards.

Texas instruments driver

Test setup¶

Texas Instruments Port Devices Drivers

Under consideration two examples with AM572x EVM running cpsw driverin dual_emac mode.

Several prerequisites:

  • TX queues must be rated starting from txq0 that has highest priority
  • Traffic classes are used starting from 0, that has highest priority
  • CBS shapers should be used with rated queues
  • The bandwidth for CBS shapers has to be set a little bit more thenpotential incoming rate, thus, rate of all incoming tx queues hasto be a little less
  • Real rates can differ, due to discreetness
  • Map skb-priority to txq is not enough, also skb-priority to l2 priomap has to be created with ip or vconfig tool
  • Any l2/socket prio (0 - 7) for classes can be used, but forsimplicity default values are used: 3 and 2
  • only 2 classes tested: A and B, but checked and can work with more,maximum allowed 4, but only for 3 rate can be set.

Test setup for examples¶

Example 1: One port tx AVB configuration scheme for target board¶

Texas Instruments Driver

Texas Instruments Port Devices Driver

(prints and scheme for AM572x evm, applicable for single port boards)

  • tc - traffic class
  • txq - transmit queue
  • p - priority
  • f - fifo (cpsw fifo)
  • S - shaper configured


Texas Instruments Port Devices Driver License Test


Example 2: Two port tx AVB configuration scheme for target board¶

Texas Instruments Drivers Windows 7

(prints and scheme for AM572x evm, for dual emac boards only)

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