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Sun Feb 15 14:48:32 GMT 2009

High quality fanless Tranquil PC full aluminium case; Ultra-compact motherboard offers many features including 4x 4K Display Ports; We build to your specification and deliver within 7 days; Clean Build™ Promise and original OS+drivers supplied on DVDs; Two year warranty with open-case policy. British PC maker Tranquil PC is making its comeback with three new fanless mini PCs based on AMD Ryzen Embedded SoCs. The three are part of the 'mini multi display' series, and are its variants, named 'Basic,' 'Advance,' and 'Advance+.' The three feature Tranquil PC's latest octagonal fanless aluminium chassis measuring 180 mm x 157 mm x 54 mm.


Tranquil PC launches a stylish passive case for both version of the NUC (Thunderbolt D33217CK and Gigabit Ethernet D33217GKE). This 110 x 164 x 47 mm chassis is made of aerospace grade aluminium. Manchester-based Tranquil PC is serious about Windows Home Server: the company has impressed us before with its tiny, silent T7 appliance (web ID: 121499) and the more expandable T2 series (164685).

permalinkTranquil PC BBS2 for a home NAS, part 1: unpacking

For years, I've been wishing for a small, low power home NAS to hold of allmy data securely. The range of mini-ITX systems has intrigued me, but finding asuitable case that can hold a bunch of disks has been difficult.

Recently, I ordered a barebones system fromTranquil PC,theBBS2 after a recommendation from Jon Fautley. It's a mini-ITX systeminside based on theIntel D945GCLF2 motherboard with a HT-enabled dual core IntelAtom 330 CPU.

The system has five removable drive caddies, some connected to themotherboard, some a fitted Silicon Image SIL3124 RAID card, plus an eSATA portavailable on the back for further expansion. The model I chose was configuredwith the eSATA port and three of the drive caddies connected to the RAID cardand the other two on the motherboard.

What Is A Pc Driver

The order from Tranquil PC was straight forward, though as they apparentlybuild them to order, it took about nine working days for the system to arrive(includingsnow!).

I'd like to run OpenSolaris on thesystem to get all of the advantages of ZFS: regular, automatic snapshots, NFSand CIFS file sharing and RAIDZ. So far, I've been unsuccessful in trying touse theautomated installer as my network didn't support themulticast required for DNS service discovery.

Instead, usingthese instructions, I easily created a USBstick that the machine could boot from to run the OpenSolaris installer. It'sworked perfectly so far and the system's up and running on a test disk.

The next step is to order some HDDs for it to store the data pool on, thenbegin configuring the system. The drives I have in mind are theWestern Digital Caviar 'Green' drives, which have a very low powerconsumption compared to other drives.

Published specifications of WD drives
DriveRead/write consumptionIdle consumptionStandby consumptionMaximum operating temp
WD Caviar Blue 750GB8.77W8.40W0.97W60°C
WD Caviar Green 1TB5.4W2.8W0.4W55°C
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The main compromise with these drives that may affect this system seems to bethe maximum operating temperature. As the system is very compact (much like aShuttle PC), Jon reported his drive temperatures reaching the high 40s, so thelower max rating is a little concerning. Hopefully the considerablylower power usage reduces the overall cost of the system.

I'll try and add more info about how the machine's set up as I progresswith the install and configuration of OpenSolaris 2008.11 in the hope that ithelps somebody!

More photos:m0dlx'sphotostream: BBS2 Home NAS

Tranquil Pc Driver App

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Tranquil Pc Driver Windows 7

Rust, an interesting title, blends a great many combinations in the game to include survival, first-person action, and construction. All of the gaming will be played on servers with up to 300 people and a stunning game environment. It has become a delight for any gamer that wants a more eccentric style of gameplay. Rust first drops you into a random point on the huge island. You begin with a stone, two tires, and a torch. If you will survive, you have to think fast to keep the wild beasts from carrying you off.


The stone you have gives you some level of defense as you harvest stone and wood to survive. Anyone who has played Minecraft will be familiar with Rust's gameplay. You collect materials and manufacture new objects from what you harvested. This will alter your environment, but that can be a good thing. For example, you can construct a house to store equipment and restart if you die. Unlike the tranquil landscapes of Minecraft, Rust has a somewhat ruthless DayZ element. You have to watch out for the enemy humans on your server because they will gladly stalk you to steal your resources. You live in a dog eat dog world. You have to be careful who you trust. While you can add friends to play with, they are as likely to rob your house or attack you. For example, a common tactic on Rust has been to blow open the door with explosives and take the goods. You are left for dead.

While Rust does have a couple similar elements to Minecraft like customization and construction, Rust has bolder gameplay. You have to adventure out to find shelter, find food, and remain warm. Survival has become paramount in the game. You will also have to defend yourself with weapons and armor. The higher focus on survival and conflict has given Rust a greater long-term appeal. The visuals will pull you in from the start, but you will need a truly powerful computer if you will fully appreciate the graphics of the game. With that said, aside from the technical environment, it can become somewhat repetitive, and a little more variation on the ecology of the island could bring the game up to a higher level of quality. Rust has vast expanses of both rock and grass that can become a little tiresome after a point.

Rust has seen continued development, but they have already set a new standard for the genre. For example, you have a solid mix of action, survival, and construction. The ultimate goal here has been to topple the Minecraft world. You do have a limited number of objects that you can construct, but as the game grows, that could develop into more.


  • Still being developed and improved
  • A Perfect blend of conflict, survival, and construction
  • In a competitive world with other players


  • Needs more diverse ecology
  • Many limitations in the number of objects you can create
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