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  2. The Driver is only needed for old Aimon products. All the newer Venom-X and Venom-X4 DO NOT need driver, Windows system will install appropriate driver automatically. Click on the PDF icon below to download the driver installation guide in PDF format: Driver Installation Guide in PDF format: (700KB).

HPP-22 VERSION 1.19(0) 10/23/2015

Then a contoll setup was brought to my attention (thanks chaosx & razor). It wasnt the Aimon but Fragnstein. After a quick search I found out that the Bannco Fragnstein had been discontinued and replaced by the Scorch which had also been discontinued. The Tuact Aimon XB/PS was the current controller of this type on the market. So this renamed controller is exactually the same, even the updates are the same as what the FnS has just got, seems the only difference is the Driver ID is different. The feeling we have at the Bannco site (forum section) is that the FnS should be fine and support 'Should' be ongoing as it is 99% the same as the Tuact controller firmware etc.

  1. Maxima SL ver. 1.21(0) Firmware Update
    Maintenance Fix
    • Fixed compatibility issues with certain flight controllers and gyros

HPP-22 VERSION 1.19(0) 7/17/2015

  1. Maxima SL ver. 1.20(0) Firmware Update
    Added Functions
    • Added lost frames counting function when used with PowerBox system

HPP-22 VERSION 1.17(1) 4/19/2015

  • SPECTRA 2.4 G2 ver. 2.00(0) Firmware Update - Aurora 9X, Flash 7 and 8
    • Improve SLT connection

HPP-22 VERSION 1.11(0) 8/23/2011

  • OPTIMA 7/9 ver.2.01(0) Firmware Update
    • Improved reboot recovery time when recovering from interference

HPP-22 VERSION 1.10(0) 6/2011

  • SPECTRA 2.4GHz ver.3.01(0) Firmware Update
    • Improved scan mode to make it easier to use
    • Added compatibility for Hitec's non-telemetry 2.4GHz receivers (Minima)
    • Improved LED indicator error after Scan is done

HPP-22 VERSION 1.04(0) 12/10/2010

  • New Features:
    • OPTIMA 7/9 Fail-Safe setup function: Now you can adjust fail-safe function of the Optima 7 & 9 receivers through the HPP-22 interface. (Optima Receiver Manual)

HPP-22 VERSION 1.02 8/2/2010

  1. SPECTRA 2.4 ver.2.00 Firmware Update
    • Added low battery warning function - Low Battery Warning Manual
    • Added HTS-SS 2D display
  2. OPTIMA 7/9 ver.2.00 Firmware Update
    • Added HTS-SS Sensor Station compatibility
    • Improved Fail Safe
    • Improved initial position of the servo when link is completed
The Venom-X is the most powerful mouse controller ever created on the market designed specifically for FPS games. It has the highest resolution mouse sensor and the fastest refresh rate that delivers cutting edge performance on console gaming as well as PC gaming.

Venom-X is the new generation of Tuact’ s professional gaming peripherals stemming from our popular Aimon series mouse controller. This upgrade either the mouse and the wand, as well as the new transceiver box takes place of the dongle that allows users to add their own keyboard and mouse as gaming options for console. The Venom-X is a 4 platform game controller mouse control system and it has multiple and optional types of control device to play games.

The SONY Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox360, Xbox One and personal computer, Venom-X's ability to play games on 4 gaming platforms with the utmost precision makes it revolutionary and sets a new standard in the gaming industry. Venom-X also is compatible with your choice of user’s own mouse/mechanical keyboards/controller for further versatility in user end limitless customization.
Venom-X system includes 3 devices - a Wireless/Wired dual mode Mouse, a wireless wand and a 3 USB port transceiver box. Venom-X offers users a convenient wireless option or for even more cutting edge gaming competitions that demand absolute zero latency and the highest performance it has the option to be wired.

The Venom-X mouse and wand have been designed ergonomically to minimize fatigue and maximize gameplay. It has been tested by the top gamers in the industry to help create the ultimate comfortable shape without sacrificing performance for the most relaxed grip and handling. The Venom-X will minimize muscle soreness and fatigue and maximize the duration of the most intense competitive gaming sessions.

Venom-X also has the replaceable mouse siding that offers 3 side shapes to offer further customization for many users comfort and hand size difference of gaming grips of different user's hands.

Tuact Driver Download Windows 7

Venom-X mouse can be used as a regular mouse independently with the transceiver or without it. Venom-X mouse is a most powerful gaming mouse alone with the industry leading DPI. Great for gaming or daily office work and graphic designing it supersedes all computing needs.

Venom-X is designed with capability to upgrade its firmware on both mouse and transceiver box. It can load 3 configuration profiles to switch games on the fly.


  • The industry highest performance mouse – 8200DPI, 150IPS and 30g acceleration rate. Mouse DPI X/Y axis
    independent adjustable; Adjustable mouse DPI on the fly.
  • Auto Wired or wireless dual mode.
  • 1000Hz ultra polling the hardcore gamers standard.
  • The new concept ergonomic design allows marathon gaming without muscle soreness fatigue.
  • Exchangeable mouse siding that fit different user’s hands.
  • Dual Rubber side skin gives you the most steady holding experience ever.
  • Driver
  • Adjustable Venom-X Mouse and left Grip weight.
  • Tuact Driver Download
  • Joystick thumb rubber cap exchangeable, 3 optional rubber caps in the package.
  • 8 standard programmable buttons on mouse and 9 buttons on Wand for most easy and quick actions;
  • All the keys can be re-mapped.
  • Most customizable system ever created: Configuration, Layout, Profiles and more.
  • Ability to use your own keyboard and non-Venom-X mouse on console game play and they are all mapable.
  • Mixed control with many options include joining a regular gamepad controller at the same time.
  • Full gaming control and configuration on the fly.
  • Multiple preset Configuration profile for switching games with one button press.
  • 16 million color lighting with 3 lighting scheme on mouse; Wheel color DPI indicating.
  • Angle snapping, Lift-off.
  • Auto burst firing option, firing stability assistance and weight compensate.
  • You name it, they are all included.
  • 4 system compatibility, we support PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One and PC.
  • The first firmware upgradeable mouse ever;
  • The Transceiver firmware upgradeable.
  • Non-Venom-X mouse extended buttons are supported on console play.
  • Tuact Driver Download Mac

  • Green software for setup, no driver needed on setup and upgrade.
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