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Magicard Enduro User Manual - 19 - fUltra Electronics Ltd The printer driver settings To access the printer driver settings in Windows 2000 and XP: 1. On the PC, go to “Start” 2. Right mouse click on the Magicard then “Printers and Faxes” Enduro printer and select the “Printing Preferences” option. Ultra Electronics Magicard Rio 2 Thermal ID Card Printer (Power-on Test Only) Printers for sale from pcbitz next day delivery available UK and international.

Ultra Electronics Card Printers Drivers

  • From cleaning your Magicard 300 to changing the dye film, replacing the printhead and more, all our “How To” videos relating to the Magicard 300 can be found here.

  • Read how Heyden-Securit used the Magicard 600 to provide visitor and exhibitor passes for this Security show. SicherheitsExpo_M600

  • Top 5 tips for getting the best from your Magicard Ultima

  • Product news – Resources

  • Product news – Resources

  • Product news – Resources

  • Download the product sheet for the Magicard 600 here

  • Discover how road transport is being transformed by transitioning from paper-based to smart card driving licences and Vehicle Registrations. Download the case study here: Drivers Licences and vehicle registrations_Enduro 3E

  • Hello from Magicard! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us here at Magicard HQ in the UK but we hope you won’t mind us giving you an update on some of the new things we’ve been working on over the last few months. Since we last communicated with you, we’ve gone […]

  • Download our paper which looks at the concept of national IDs, and how it is evolving around the world Documenting National Identities

  • SmartWorld is a leading and strategic provider of card solutions in the GCC and African region focused on offering secure personalisation methodologies to combat the various security threats that exist. In operation for over a decade, SmartWorld holds a wide market share in the area of secure personalisation, card management applications, cryptographic methodologies, secure mobile […]

  • Keep up with the latest news, product information and discussion topics.

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  • Product news – Resources

  • Fake IDs are a lucrative business, fuelled by the anonymity that the internet and social media afford. A good quality forged document with secure elements, such as a hologram and UV features, of a genuine ID can be obtained at a reasonable price, at the mere click of a button. Across the world, governments and businesses are investing […]

  • Out of all the kinds of breaches that occur – identity information loss, financial account loss, account access loss and existential data loss -identity information loss tops the list. But what IS identity? It’s not just physical characteristics and biometrics: it’s also context, location, style of dress. Download the whitepaper for the full story: The Future […]

  • An officially-recognised form of ID plays a critical role in enabling an individual exercise rights such as voting, as well as gaining access to essential social and economic services such as education, and healthcare. Imagine trying to apply to university, open a bank account, apply for a loan, or prove your eligibility for health insurance, without an ID; […]

  • There are many challenges to implementing identity management in Healthcare: outdated systems, constant change to role-based access, large, disparate user populations and insecure means of authentication. This paper explores these issues and discusses the options available to the industry in order to use identity to save and protect lives. Read more here.

  • Identity card solutions in the education sector do more than just provide visual security. If leveraged correctly, they can help provide a secure and efficient environment for learning. For example, in a nursery, children’s ID credentials should identify them as individuals and put stops and checks in place against unauthorised individuals fetching them from school thereby enhancing their safety. On […]

  • Access all our “How to” videos via our YouTube channel- available in multiple language versions.

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  • Product news – Resources

  • Product news – Resources

  • Product news – Resources

  • Hot on the heels of the breakthrough Magicard 600 launched earlier this year, the Magicard 300 has been engineered to take advantage of pioneering security features and advanced electronics as part of ongoing product development. (You can see more in our blog, Magicard 300 – Why?)

  • Magicard printers enable German theme park to issue season tickets quickly and easily.

  • Weymouth, UK, April 4th, 2019. We are proud to announce the arrival of Magicard NEO, a range of ID card printers built specifically for Asia, South America and the Middle East & Africa to preserve market integrity, facilitate margin protection and allow for market tiering. It brings together a network of local dealers offering market-leading […]

  • Unlike other ID card printing devices, the Magicard 600 has a digital shredding capability: once information has been used for a print job, it is fragmented and dispersed, rendering it irrecoverable.

  • Magicard plays key role in Hamburg summit security.

  • This April, we are pleased to announce our attendance at Hey-Day 2.

  • Magicard set to accelerate growth with CEO appointment.

  • Find out about one of Magicard’s Technical Support Engineers, Luke Ridgway.

  • Magicard will be attending the following shows and events for 2018

  • Find out about Magicard’s Internal Sales Team Leader, Vikki Cosgrove

  • Magicard has sponsored a Centre of Excellence at a local college.

  • Our team on booth H057 are already answering questions and running demonstration on the new addition to the Rio Pro series, but if you’re not able to attend the exhibition this year, here’s everything you need to know.

  • The UK’s leading ID card issuance manufacturer, Magicard Ltd, has teamed up with Made in Britain to welcome new members to the British manufacturing directory.

  • Find out about Magicard’s Electronics Team Leader, Tim Last

  • We’ll be attending this year’s Clarciev in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • A charity local to the Magicard Headquarters in Weymouth, UK is set to benefit from a year of team fundraising.

  • The three-day event starts on 28th November at the Palais des Festivals de Cannes on the French Riviera. Magicard will be based at booth H057.

  • Find out about Magicard’s Production Supervisor, Graham Parkington.

  • Magicard joins SCALA at the eID conference in Colombia to promote the next generation of secure eID credentials.

  • Company news

  • We learn more about Applications Manager, John Honeysett

  • Company news

  • Company news

  • Magicard, has been working with Chinese Authorities in the production of residence ID cards.

  • Personalised adhesive cards with a Custom HoloKote™

  • Our long-time partner T.C. Vilsa explains their vision, their company and their relationship with Magicard.

  • An ID card is only as good as its inherent security.

  • Sandis Puzulis has joined the Magicard sales team.

  • Case studies – Enterprise

  • Magicard’s technical support team share insights on how to design your ID card to get the most out of your printer.

  • Richard Besenbruch has joined the Magicard sales team

  • Simple RFID member cards for logical and physical access control

  • A simple and powerful solution for the instant issuance of multi-application student and staff ID cards.

  • Find out how the airport used the Magicard Rio Pro Secure card printer to print secure smart cards for their staff.

  • Without a robust card security feature, anyone with access to an ID card printer could make a convincing copy of your card.

  • Learn how regular cleaning can help keep your Prima printer in perfect condition.

  • Discover how the Magicard Rio Pro Xtended was used by Hicksons Quality Foods to label the food in their shop.

  • Watch how the Magicard Rio Pro Xtended was used by Leakers Bakery to label the food in their shop.

  • What is the difference between dye sublimation and retransfer technology and what are the advantages of using one technology versus the other?

  • The UK-based manufacturer of Magicard secure ID card printers today announced an investment from leading mid-market private equity firm LDC

  • Magicard Pronto, Enduro and Rio Pro all use dye sublimation technology. But what is it and how does it differ from other printing techniques like inkjet?

  • Discover how the Magicard Rio Pro Xtended was used by VOSS Bakery to label the food in their shop.

  • Built on a tried and tested platform, the Magicard Enduro3E is now backed with a 3 year warranty.

  • Elite aviation security consultant issues visual security ID cards for all employees with Magicard printers.

  • Learn how regular cleaning can help keep your Enduro printer in perfect condition.

  • A simple and powerful solution for the instant issuance of a multi-application alumni membership card.

  • Ultra Electronics ID announces the release of a new printer driver that enables the use of Magicard ID card printers with Apple computers running the Mac OS X operating system.

  • Ultra-LE laser engraver the latest addition to its Magicard line of secure identification card printers

  • We are pleased to announce the new V2.0 Magicard printer driver a major software update for all Magicard ID card printers.

  • Magicard printers provide instant personalisation for high profile Challenge Roth triathlon event.

  • Magicard printers enable Romania to certify professionals with secured cards.

  • Magicard printers to secure an international sporting event for children between the ages of eleven and thirteen.

  • Magicard printers provide instant personalisation for high profile event.

  • Discover how Magicard secure card issuance equipment was rapidly deployed to issue IDs to staff and delegates.

  • Magicard printers enable advanced access control for the G20 summit.

  • Learn how regular cleaning can keep your Pronto in great working order.

  • Rewritable technology as standard on all its direct-to-card printers.

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Trusted identity for a safer world

Founded in 1992, Magicard is a pioneer of ID card printing technologies with a full range of desktop devices to meet any local, on-demand, secure ID card issuance requirement. Magicard printers are renowned for their built-in card security features, including the HoloKote® secure watermark. All Magicard printers can also encode smart cards in-line with printing.

Magicard’s reputation for innovation and differentiated products is underpinned by its experienced team of UK-based expert engineers. Design, new product development and all manufacturing are located centrally at its headquarters in Weymouth, UK. Magicard has additional sales and support centres in the United States, Dubai and China. There are also Magicard sales hubs in Northern Europe, South East Asia and India.

Tens of thousands of Magicard printers are shipped from its UK manufacturing centre to more than 100 countries each year. Magicard printers are trusted to print millions of secure ID cards annually for corporates, schools, governments and infrastructure facilities throughout the World. Applications range from membership, physical and logical access control cards right through to secure IDs such as Drivers Licences and National ID cards.

In addition to ID card printers, Magicard’s other product offers include TrustID desktop ID card issuance software and Securicards smart cards.

Magicard Holdings Ltd. is an independent UK registered company with two subsidiaries, Weymouth-based Magicard Ltd. and Magicard US INC, based in Kirkland, WA and Greenville, SC in the USA.

Ultra Electronics Card Printers Drivers

Our mission is to provide outstanding support to our customers, grow our market share with differentiated products and enhance trust in identity worldwide.

Employee appreciation – We appreciate our team, encourage their development and reward hard work, effort and performance.

Approachable– Staff, from all departments and on all levels, must always be approachable to customers.

Quality– We provide outstanding products and a market-leading service that, together, deliver first-rate value to our customers.

Trustworthy– We provide reliable solutions to enhance security and identity worldwide. Magicard is a trusted manufacturer positioned prominently in the identity industry.

LongstandingThe integrity and stability of the Magicard team means customers can be reassured of our continuous support and innovative thinking.

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We support the not-for-profit organisation, One Tree Planted and have committed to make a donation for every Magicard ID printer bought in order that a tree may be planted.

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Magicard Ltd

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Hampshire Road, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 9XD, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1305 47 00 00
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Tel: +1-425-556-9708

Tol Free: + 1-877-236-0933
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Middle East sales and support centre

5WB (West Wing) Office – 446, Dubai Airport Free Zone,
PO Box: 371564, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Room 2909, No.6088, Humin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86 21 6457 3509
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