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Today’s every smartphone is coming with a set of sensors. There are several lists of sensors are equipped with smartphones for getting things done. So what are these smartphone Sensors useful for? This guide will help you to know about every sensor present on your mobile.

The market for fingerprint sensors is expected to be huge as over 50% of the smartphones are expected to have a fingerprint sensor by 2019. The companies covered include, Authentec, Validity. All current software, firmware, and drivers for the Surface Pro 3; including optional WinTab drivers. Links to drivers for other Surface devices are in the Details section below. Mobile Device Security Risk Mobile devices are much less secure than realized. Different operating systems, hardware manufacturers, software, and applications result in vulnerabilities that can reach your employees, company, and network. In addition, most phone users do not have a serviceable protection to secure their own phones and personal data resulting in exposure of their employers’.

Smartphone Sensors Wiki

1. Gyroscope

The gyroscope is an orientation sensor with accurate precision. It simply calculates the angular velocity of the device. The gyroscope in smartphones is used for tracking the rotation of the device. When you play games like N.O.V.A, Modern Combat: Sandstrom you can feel rotation, and the axis. The gyroscope calculates data along with accelerometer and sends the data to the game.

Popular apps like Google Sky Map, Android Photo Sphere camera, and much more apps use the Gyroscope data for accurate results.

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2. Accelerometer

Accelerometer measures and calculates the device acceleration. It calculates the three axis orientation of the device and sends the data to the required apps and games.

For example, in Android, you can use portrait or landscape mode. When you move the smartphone in portrait and landscape modes the phone screen, automatically adjust according to the position with the help of accelerometer. It is one of the most widely used android phone sensors.

3. Proximity Sensor (what is proximity sensor in mobile?)

When you are on the call and place the phone near to the ear the light turns off, ever wondered how it works? A Proximity Sensor in mobile will detect the near object and send the data to your phone. The sensor works by activating a small beam of light which is reflected by our skin and the device turns off the screen display temporarily.

4. Light-Sensor (Ambient light sensor in mobile)

Light Sensor is used in Smartphones for automatic display light adjustment. This sensor calculates the Illuminance of the environment and sends the data to the device. Then the device calculates the required display brightness and applies the effect.

5. Barometer (What is barometer sensor in mobile?)

A barometer is a sensor which we usually find in high-end smartphones. As we know from the school Physics Barometer measures the atmospheric pressure. However, there is no direct use of smartphones; the Barometer in mobile works with GPS sensor about the device sea level measurements for greater GPS accuracy.

6. Heart Rate Monitor


As its name implies this sensor measures the heart rate of the user. It measures the heart rate by placing the user’s finger on the sensor. It calculates the user pulse by minute wise and displays on the screen.

7. Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensor doesn’t need any introduction. This sensor became most common these days, and it is coming equipped even with a low-end smartphone.

8. Pedometer

Pedometer sensor calculates the number of steps taken by the user. But many smartphones using accelerometer data for the Pedometer data, this data is not accurate as the real Pedometer sensor does. Only a few smartphones are equipped with real Pedometer sensor; Google Nexus 5 is one of them.

9. GPS

Global Positioning System also considers as a sensor. A GPS module will connect to the satellite and gives you an accurate position result.

10. Touch Screen

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The touchscreen of a smartphone is also a kind of sensor which responds to human contact. A touchscreen is made of multiple layers of glass and works with the pressure of your finger.

11. Hall Sensor

If you have used the old devices which used to have flip covers which were functional, like had an option to switch off the screen when you flip them on, then those used to have this kind of Hall Sensor which can sense the magnets, and respond. Even the latest gen phones from Samsung, and Apple comes with Hall Sensors.

12. Digital Compass

This is the rarest sensor we can find on a mobile phone, the main reason of ignoring this one is the combination of other sensors with which the mobile can get its orientation and the magnetic readings of where it is pointing to. This sensor gives the direct position and direction of the device to the apps without any issue. It also doesn’t require calibration which most of the new devices need.

13. Augmented & Virtual Reality

This is a combination of different hardware which includes a couple of different cameras, and a couple of different Lasers which will detect the different depth of the things. These will later help to organize different things via the AR or VR.

14. Infrared Sensor

This sensor is used in the devices to project the infrared dots and then they are scanned with an Infrared Scanner. This scanner is mostly used to encrypt the device with the face data of any person.

15. Pressure Sensor

This particular sensor is found in a limited number of devices, this is used to actually detect the amount of pressure being put on the device on the sides or on the screen which will act as additional inputs to the software for preset functionality.

16. Temperature Sensor

This particular sensor is rarely found on the devices, this is used in order to detect the internal and external temperature of either the device or the surrounding temperature.

17. Iris Scanner

This scanner uses infrared and a couple of cameras to actually scan the pattern found in the iris of the peoples, this is again in a term used to encrypt the device with the eyes of a particular person.

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18. Infrared Remote

This device is used to give the singles to different machines which use infrared remote to receive signals and perform a particular function.

19. Air Humidity Sensor

This particular sensor is used to find the humidity level in the air. The sensor is found only around one or two devices.

20. Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter sensor is used to find the amount of oxygen that is found in your blood. This sensor will not take any blood sample but will identify the oxygen level by the light.

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21. Geiger Counter

Geiger Counter is made to detect and measure the number of ionizing radiations in different places. It is found in the really low amount of devices but can be really useful if you live in places near nuclear reactors.

22. NFC

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Near Field Communication sensor is used to validate transfer between two devices. This can easily be used to make financial transactions, and can even be used to share photos aand videos.

23. Laser

The laser is used in different devices to actually measure the distance between your mobile phone and the thing behind it. It can even be used to focus your camera more accurately.

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24. Air Gesture

Air Gesture has been used in devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4 & Samsung Galaxy S5 where you can easily put your fingers above the display to actually make some features work.

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