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If the name VAIO is familiar to you, that’s because there was a time when Sony VAIO laptops were available in India along with the rest of the world. Sony exited the VAIO PC business back in 2014, but it looks like the buzzing PC space in India has led to a comeback from the VAIO brand but this time in partnership with Flipkart.

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Speaking on the launch, Ms Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director, South Asia, VAIO said, “We are enthused to relaunch VAIO and associate with names that have made it big in the e-commerce industry. Introducing finest-quality laptops in India, the brand focuses on reclaiming its space in the market while having an unrivalled demand by the customers. We are all set to present futuristic laptop range to the country’s burgeoning tech-enthusiasts and young business professionals. We are looking forward to becoming the top choice for laptop buyers across the country.”

Details such as models, specifications, variants etc. are still not known but customers can expect an “extensive range of sleek and portable laptops equipped with top-of-the-shelf features that make for high-performance capability”.

VAIO will relaunch laptops in India on January 15 so expect more details such as models, variants and price, then. According to the press release shared, “The brand that offers various services such as manufacturing, sales and marketing as well as servicing of VAIO laptops under the VAIO trademark in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Middle East markets is now strutting in India to reimagine and co-create the future of laptops in the country”.

With most people spending 2020 working from home, it looks like the work from home trend could continue into 2021. With the ‘work from home’ trend, the laptop and PC space saw an increase in demand. It will be interesting to see how VAIO creates a space for itself in a price-sensitive market like India dominated by the likes of Lenovo, Acer and many more gunning for your attention.

Sony Vaio Laptops India

New Delhi: VAIO laptops that once wooed Indian consumers with its sleek design, is set to make a comeback to the India market after it signed a pact with Hong Kong-based Nexstgo Company Limited.

Nexstgo on Tuesday said that the first two models of VAIO laptops for the India market after the comback will be unveiled as early as January.

'In coming January, the brand will officially unveil her first AMD model together with another model specially designed for modern office, and start selling from one of the leading e-commerce portal - Flipkart, then to further extend to other major retail channels,' Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director (South Asia), RSD, Nexstgo, said in a statement.

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The license agreement between Nexstgo and Japan-based VAIO Corporation includes manufacturing, sales and marketing as well as servicing of VAIO laptops in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Middle East markets and now in India.

VAIO said it aims to recapture its substantial market share and popularity among the Indian audiences yet again with Nexstgo.

'We at Nexstgo are thrilled to reintroduce VAIO to Indian audiences, with a wide range of finest-quality laptops in coming three months,' said Alex Chung, CEO, Nexstgo Company Limited.

'The brand has previously witnessed unrivalled demand from the Indian market, and we believe that the country's burgeoning tech-enthusiasts and young business professionals will be elated to experience VAIO's premium solutions once again.'

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VAIO Corporation was established in July 1, 2014, spinning off from Sony's PC business. In February 2014, Sony announced its intention sell its PC business operated under the VAIO brand to Japan Industrial Partners.

Vaio Laptops India

'With the launch, we aim to expand our distribution network in India and clock a phenomenal growth by 2020. We are honoured to be VAIO's key partner, and work together with VAIO to rebuild her brand position in India,' Chung said.

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