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Versions: 2.5, 3.0 Applies to Platform: UTM 2.5, Edge 2.5, UTM 3.0, Edge 3.0Updated on: 22th of October 2012 This is a list of the 3G/HDSPA USB modems recommended and supported by Endian UTM and 4. Windows device driver information for Viettel ADSL Modem Router Viettel ADSL Modem Router is made for home or small enterprises and uses the latest ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ technology as well as latest router functions giving an effective mode of installing a fast and secure with a link to the outside world.

I got myself a Viettel 3G USB stick yesterday for the need of roaming access while I'm off the city. I tried it first with my colleague's Windows machine. The stick worked well with Windows but in ridiculous way. It shown up in a dedicated, silly designed window frame with the ISP heavily branded. That's still acceptable, anyway.

I booted up my laptop which has only Fedora 12 to see how the stick behaves in GNU/Linux. Plugging in the USB in with a really hopeless mind since I know clearly that Linux is not what they are willing to support. And that was clearly documented in the tiny user manual I got when purchasing the stick.

I was right. It did not work. To be honest, it actually worked as a storage device since I found a fake CD-ROM shown up with the name of D-COM.

Viettel Modems Driver

And that was the interesting clue for me to solve the problem. I googled for the whole day, asked in the forum to have it finally solved in the sweetest way!

To save others' time, here follows a complete guide for Fedora users:


Modems provided Viettel are produced by Huawei and the one I got is the Huawei E1750. Huawei and many other manufactures use a method (which they actually call 'technology') in which the device will behave as a fake CD-ROM when just plugged in. This is to allow the manufacture to ship the installation CD contents right within the device instead of having a real CD-ROM attached.

An autorun application for Windows is included in the fake CD-ROM to start the driver installation process.

After the installation is done the driver is up and to begin the use of the stick as a real modem, a special data sequence is sent by the driver to the device in order to ask it to switch the USB interface into the modem mode. From that on, the USB can be used as a 3G GSM modem. The USB will kept itself switched as long as the power to it is not cut.

Viettel Modems driver

This is really clever! A CD-ROM and GSM Modem within just a single USB stick.

Problem with GNU/Linux

The clever part of the device is also the problematic part of it in GNU/Linux. While Huawei GSM modem support is added into the kernel, the activation of the GSM modem mode is however not straightforward.

When the device is plugged in, the OS recognizes it as a storage device only. What we have to find out is how to switch the device into the GMS mode.

Fortunately, a dedicated project was created for just this purpose. The usb_modeswitch program! The latest version of this program is included in the Fedora 12 official repository.

Switching the mode with usb_modeswitch

usb_modeswitch is a helper application that integrates into udev to watch for USB devices. When a device is plugged in, usb_modeswitch lookups the just-plugged-in device vendor and product ID in its internal registry and carries out an appropriate operation in order to switch the device into the GMS modem mode. This perfectly fits our need for the Huawei device. The following steps help you install the switching:

Step 1: Installing usb_modeswitch

usb_modeswitch can be installed easily with yum:

#yum -y install usb_modeswitch

Step 2: Removing wrong udev entries

An important thing that you have to do is to resolve a conflicts in using the device. To do this, find the file at /lib/udev/-modem-modeswitch.rules and comment out the line that mentions the Huawei device (Huawei devices have the vendor:product id of 12d1:1446)

May thanks to Josh for guiding me in this section.

Viettel Modems Drivers

Step 3: Reboot

There may be other ways but this is the most simple one to get udev reloaded.

Configuring the connection

After rebooting and plugging in your device you can now configured the connection using NetworkManager. And this is what I found it is so sweet, the Linux way of configuring network connection. You have a single, united and well designed graphical user interface for all network connections of all types, all kind of devices.

Adding a new connection

Right-click the NetworkManager panel icon, select 'Edit Connections...', select the 'Mobile Broadband' and click 'Add'

The Huawei device should be listed in the device list, select it and click 'Forward'.


Since Vietnam may not be listed in this version of NetworkManager, just select 'My country is not listed' and then 'Forward'

Enter Viettel in the Provider box. This is not a configuration parameter, you can choose another name. However, this will be used in the default connection name so I suggest that you have the ISP name here.

Enter 'e-connect' as the Access Point Name. This is an important configuration parameter. I found it when inspecting the Windows application shipped with the modem. No information for this parameter is officially provided by the ISP.

Click 'Forward'.

Just click 'Apply' in this confirmation screen.

Modify the connection name if you want and click 'Apply'. The configuration is done you can now start using the connection.

Using the connection

Viettel modems drivers

Clicking the NetworkManager panel icon you will find that connection is now listed and ready for use:

Select the connection and wait for the modem to get connected, you can now start using the 3G connection!

Huawei Mobile Partner is an official and free mobile phone manager which can control and update various functions of mobile devices manufacturer by Chinese conglomerate Huawei.

The application can be used to successfully transfer files and folders between a PC and a phone, all that is required is a USB cable and plugging it into the PC's USB port.

With Huawei Mobile Partner, you can also complete multiple functions from your PC that would normally require usage of the handset: this includes checking data usage, sending text messages, dialing phone numbers and making calls.

Viettel modems drivers

Viettel Modems Driver

The main interface of Mobile Partner is a little bit outdated, but nevertheless includes a number of icons for accessing your cell phone's features including access to the cloud and various Huawei applications.

The application can also change phone book entries, settings profiles, username and password configuration and access device information such as the serial number, firmware version, SIM/USIM information and network settings.

So for those who own one of these cell phones (though older models), you're provided with a multitude of different ways to change, transfer and update your Huawei cell phone.

Features and highlights

  • Voice Calling
  • Wifi Spot
  • Cloud
  • Portable
  • Consume very low ram
  • USSD option
  • Contact (Phone) Book

Huawei Mobile Partner on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from mobile phone tools without restrictions. Huawei Mobile Partner is available to all software users as a free download for Windows.

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