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My first two cameras were the Powershot G2 and the Olympus E-20N SLR, both of which blow the MX230 out of the water in terms of features. The MX230 does have 3x optical zoom instead of the almost useless digital only zoom. The viewfinder is of ok quality, but like other point and shoots, has no diopter adjustment. Visioneer XDM7425D-WU/R Refurb Xerox Documate 742 Sf Perp Clr 600dpi 11.7x38.

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When selecting a machine vision camera, the availability of the camera in the long term is an important selection criterion. Our online camera selector provides information on the availability of each camera model to help you choose the right camera for your needs. There are 4 categories related to the life cycle of each camera:

Camera models that will be released shortly but are not available in series production yet.
State-of-the art cameras that are available and recommended for new design-ins. For these cameras, you can rely on long-term availability and support.
Legacy camera models. They are still fully available to secure long-term supply to existing customers. However, if you plan a completely new design, we recommend that you look for a more recent alternative in the “Available” category.
A last-time-buy notification has already been distributed for these cameras. If you have been using them in your system for a long time, please place your orders before the last-time-buy deadline. See all discontinuations in the Product Change Notification section.

Please contact our sales team if you need more information on product availability!

Visioneer Cameras
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Sorry, there is no camera matching your search. Please contact us if you need more assistance.

The TWAIN Working group does not make, provide, or distribute any scanners or drivers. Drivers should be obtained from the manufacturer of the particular scanner or digital camera you are interested in. Below are direct links to manufacturer websites.

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Visioneer Camera

Visioneer Cameras

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