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Why a Document Camera? Can I use an Overhead Projector instead?

ELMO Document Cameras. Touchboards has the world’s largest selection of document cameras. Document cameras are digital cameras used to present objects or papers for a group to see. The document cameras do not have the ability to project or display an image on their own so they will need to be connected to a computer or projector. Download V500 Document Camera, JOYUSING.

The office of Institutional Media Technologies, part of University Information Technologies, has established June 30th, 2015, as the sunset of overhead projector support at IWU. After this date, all classrooms and conference rooms should have ceiling mounted digital projectors or wall mounted flat panel displays, to which a document camera can be connected. For the few remaining rooms that do not have this equipment installed, faculty may check out similar equipment from the Jackson Library Media Services desk.

Most of the functions that can be accomplished by a traditional overhead projector can be done with a document camera, tablet PC, or other technology. The primary purpose of this shift in support is to emphasize the superior image quality that document cameras and projectors provide to a larger audience, over that of overhead projectors. We understand that there are still occasional functions which only an overhead projector can fulfill. These will be classified as lab equipment, and will therefore become the responsibility of the department to purchase, maintain and replace lamps. Media Services in the Jackson Library has an opaque projector for use in the Production Room. Beyond that, please contact the office of Institutional Media Technologies (x2209) to see what options may be available to meet your needs.

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There's nothing like being able to properly display exactly what you are trying to present. Document cameras, also known as visual presenters or Elmo cameras, keep your audience engaged with visually displaying images of any object or text, which can help minimize confusion during your meeting or lesson. Whether it's a flex cam, USB document camera or platform document camera you want your instruction to appeal to all learning styles so there's more time to focus on what's important.
Camcor carries trusted brands, such as Elmo, Aver, Dukane, Samsung, Ken-A-Vision, and Recordex, and our experienced team can help guide you to the perfect document camera and personalized customer service to make sure you have the best experience time after time. Shop online or call us at 800-868-2462 to help find the best solution for your school or organization.

AVerVision U50 USB Powered Document Camera, 5MP, Built in Mic, 8X Dig Zoom


AVer F70W Universal FlexArm Document Camera


AVer F50-8M Gooseneck Document Camera


AVer F17-8M 8MP Portable Flexarm Document Camera


AVerVision U70+ USB Document Camera 13MP, 16X Dig Zoom, USB 3.0 4K


AVer M17-13M Document Camera


AVer M70W Wireless Document Camera


AVer M15W Wireless Document Camera


AVer M15-13M Document Camera


AVer M11-8M Portable USB/HDMI Document Camera


Dukane Camera 150 Portable USB Document Camera


ELMO 1430 MX-P2 Visual Presenter


Elmo TT-12W Stem Cam Document Camera

HoverCam Solo 8 Plus Document Camera


ELMO 1433 OX-1 Visual Presenter


Visual Presenter Driver

Epson DC-21 Document Camera


Qomo QPC22 ScannerCam 22 USB Document Camera


Dukane 446A Goose Neck Visual Presenter

Visual Presenter V2 Cameras Download

Dukane Camera 250 Portable HDMI/USB Document Camera


Lumens DC125 Ladibug Ultra-Portable High-Definition Visual Presenter


Lumens PS752 Document Camera Classroom Document Camera


Lumens DC-W80 4K Wireless Document Camera


Qomo QD3900 HDMI Document Camera

F1 Flip Cam Ultra Portable Document Camera - QPC20


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