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(GTR-S Black Edition)

VBIOS Version:
UEFI Supported:Yes
BIOS Build date:2017-03-23 03:17:00
Date added:2017-04-21 13:43:58
VBIOS Size:256 KB
MD5 Hash:1387b019077fc3683c046fb3d553d54e
SHA1 Hash:a02f2aae3284531181f5d0f143e263608fc9fd45

XFX RX 6800 XT MERC 319: Overclocking AMD graphics cards over the last few generations have been a bit underwhelming in the overclocking department and this isn't much different for the RX 6800 XT. This is mostly due to the GPU being shipped with an already high core operating frequency, which leaves very little room to expand past the initial. The AMD Radeon RX 5700 XFX DD Ultra 8GB is best suited for resolutions up to and including 3840 x2160 (4K). For the most demanding AAA games it should be ideally suited to 1440p.

GPU Device Id: 0x1002 0x67DF113-P20-XTR-I1430M8G-W82C940 Polaris20 XTX A1 GDDR5 256Mx32 8GB 300e/300m(C) 1988-2010, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.ATOMBIOSBK-AMD VER015. Overdrive Limits GPU Clock: 2000 MHz Memory Clock: 2250 MHzPowerTune Limit: -50% to +50%Limits TDP: 180 W TDC Power: 149 A Battery Power: 180 W Small Power Power: 180 W Max. Power Limit: 180 W Max. Temp: 90°CGPU Clocks 300 MHz, 751 MHz, 1048 MHz, 1158 MHz 1240 MHz, 1309 MHz, 1364 MHz, 1430 MHzMemory Clocks 300 MHz, 1000 MHz, 2000 MHzTemperature Target: 75 °CMemory Support 8192 MB, GDDR5, Autodetect 8192 MB, GDDR5, Samsung K4G80325FB 8192 MB, GDDR5, Hynix H5GQ8H24MJRMemory Timings (Samsung) tRCDW-tRCDWA-tRCDR-tRCDRA-tRC-tCL-tRFC 250 MHz: 2-3-3-3-11-8-27 400 MHz: 3-3-5-5-17-9-43 600 MHz: 5-5-8-8-26-11-65 900 MHz: 7-7-13-13-39-15-98 1000 MHz: 8-8-14-14-43-16-109 1125 MHz: 9-9-16-16-49-17-123 1250 MHz: 10-10-18-18-55-18-137 1375 MHz: 12-12-20-20-61-19-151 1500 MHz: 13-13-22-22-65-20-164 1625 MHz: 14-14-24-24-71-21-178 1750 MHz: 16-16-26-26-77-22-192 2000 MHz: 17-17-29-29-87-24-219Memory Timings (Hynix) tRCDW-tRCDWA-tRCDR-tRCDRA-tRC-tCL-tRFC 400 MHz: 4-4-5-5-17-10-43 800 MHz: 7-7-11-11-34-13-87 900 MHz: 9-9-12-12-38-14-98 1000 MHz: 9-9-13-13-41-15-109 1125 MHz: 11-11-15-15-47-15-123 1250 MHz: 12-12-17-17-52-15-137 1375 MHz: 13-13-19-19-58-17-151 1500 MHz: 14-14-20-20-62-18-164 1625 MHz: 16-16-22-22-68-18-178 1750 MHz: 17-17-24-24-73-19-192 2000 MHz: 19-19-27-27-83-23-219 2250 MHz: 22-22-31-31-94-23-247
Model:RX 580
Device Id:1002 67DF
Subsystem Id:1682 9588
Memory Size:8192 MB
GPU Clock:1430 MHz
Memory Clock:2000 MHz
Memory Type:GDDR5
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WIFI Whitelist Removal Petition

Recently one of our forum members, EvanCarroll, started an online petition to request the removal of WIFI whitelists from Lenovo bios. I highly encourage everyone here to support this effort by taking a minute out of your day to sign it. If an online petition can get 270,000+ signatures supporting the deportation of Justin Bieber, then we should at least be able to get a few thousand to support the removal of WIFI whitelists. Thanks! 😀

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Universal IFR Extractor

In case you didn’t already know, the Extensible Firmware Infrastructure’s Human Interface Infrastructure uses Internal Forms Representation protocol to display things like your setup utility’s menu. By having access to the Internal Forms Representation, we can know everything about a menu which can assist us immensely when modding bios. I’ll also be using this application in a few of the tutorials I write, so get used to using it now 🙂

I was getting tired of all the requests to expand EFI IFR Dumper to include support for UEFI’S IFR protocol, and as a result I decided that now is a better time than any to update my program.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Module Helper

I first started working on Module Helper back in September when Andy’s tool V2.19 was released. As some of you may know, that iteration altered the format of the extracted EFI modules by storing a module’s header, code, and name all in the same file. This created some issues with disassemblers not being able to automatically recognizing the format of the EFI modules and the size of data modules not being updated if changed. Dealing with all these negative aspects was trivial but annoying, which is why Module Helper was developed. It was originally capable of splitting the modules header and data into separate files an it could update the sizes in the headers.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading


Training the Next Generation of BIOS Modders

Dear BIOS-Mods.com community,

BIOS-Mods.com for years has been and continues to be an open, collaborative space to help users around the world make the most of their motherboards, hardware platforms, and computers as a whole. Over the years, we have had many talented developers come and go who have all left tremendous impacts on our ability to modify BIOS images and provide the know-how for people who like “Do it Yourself” projects.

We would like to start an open-knowledge initiative to help recruit and train new moderators at BIOS-Mods.com with the wealth of information there is to be shared.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading


BIOS Spotlight: (UEFI) Dell XPS 15z L511z

This article documents the exciting work being done by some of the top contributors in our forum. The modifications performed on systems like the Dell 15z reflect the most advanced examples of BIOS modifications done within our community. For more information, please visit the thread.
Phoenix SecureCore Tiano, used by Dell, is a tough nut to crack – we came to what we have today by taking little steps on a road that wasn’t smooth to begin with. Phoenix nor Dell have provided any information regarding SCT 2.0 and to this day the BIOS on these machines has not been upgraded to 2.3.1 which allows for ME v8 (brings IVB CPU support) and SecureBoot capabilities.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Product Review: Eken 7″ Android MID Tablet M009F

The Eken 7″ Android MID M009F tablet is powered by an InfoTMIC 800MHz CPU, 186 MB RAM, 2 0r 4 GB of storage space (Upgradeable to 16GB via an SD memory card), a 7″ 800×480 resistive screen, and WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n).

Beware of this and other copycat tablets like it. If you are in the market for a tablet, do your homework first. These tablets do run Android, and the one I tested was quite compatible with most Android apps. However, these tablets do not perform anything like an iPad. It has a “resistive” touch screen that requires a stylus, or fingernail, to operate. Using the tip of your finger just will not work, which makes this tablet hard to use.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

Driver Agent: Finding BIOS Upgrades and Drivers Quick and Easy

Driver Agent, one of esupport.com’s flagship products, makes it easy for the average user to scan a computer for out-of-date drivers and software. In addition to the Driver Agent software, BIOS Agent helps customers locate the best BIOS stock BIOS image for their computer. For users who are tentative about upgrading their computers to the latest version of drivers and software, Driver Agent shows you out of date drivers with an effective online web scan.

BIOS-Mods.com had the opportunity to review the software to assess whether or not it is truly a viable solution for the average consumer to keep their PC up-to-date.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

The INs and OUTs of Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Xfx Laptops & Desktops Driver Downloads

After using Windows 8 Consumer Preview since the release date, there are certain issues that should be addressed. Not only does Windows 8 have a new “Metro” interface that many people are still adapting to, but there are several changes to how software will behave while running Windows 8 CP.

The first and possibly the most important one is Windows 8 does NOT support the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package. This means that if your software requires this package, you will have to buy new software that has a later version of the package or one that does not use it at all.

Another issue with Windows 8 is browsing the web with Firefox on a computer with an NVIDIA GPU.… >>>Click Here To Continue Reading

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XFX Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

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