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Jay Reinholz doesn't recommend Xtend Technologies. November 7, 2016 One of there drivers drove all over my brand new grass and I have been calling the owner Tony Fabrick for over a week and he will not call back! I have pictures and witnesses proving the damage! Horrible ownership! BBB was notified! Xtend Technologies provides the ultimate in technology solutions for today's home and business owners. Our clients enjoy state-of-the-art electronics for home theater, audio-video, automation, commercial projects, and IT networks. We offer custom solutions that integrate elegantly or disappear entirely within the home or building's design.

About Us

Optimize asset maintenance and reduce cost.

Xtend Technology (XT) is a leading company for extended use of new Technology. XT adopt new technology and aim to be the marked leader in new Inspection Technology, Robotics and Automated inspection and Digitalization. The company is based in Stavanger, Norway.

Xtend Technologies (p) Driver

New Technology Products (QI2)

Our partner, Qi2, is a technology incubator that has inspired countless industries with its innovations for almost 50 years.

Digital Technology (Inspection)

Bruforvaltning 4.0 ( AIM bridges 4.0.) WORLD NEWS !

XT will continue the development of digital representation and inspection of bridges. This utilize Terrestrial scanning, LIDAR scanning, Photogrammetry, Hyper and Ultra spectral photo.

We are extremely proud to present the first Asset Inspection 4.0 ( Bruforvaltning 4.0.) where we together with StrucInspect I Austria have included extensive use of AI function detect all crack, rust and other defects individual level and total able to sort by total and types off deviation. Supported with an engineered report with comments and recommendation or left our to the engineering department to the bridge owner.

With repeating order we can together with client only inspect areas of interest, Autonomous and with tolerances down to 0.2 millimeter / Pixel level. By this we also document historical development.To our knowledge unique in the world.

Automated Products (Integration of QI2)

XT is developing systems and products based on QI2 technology. XT has started the design and specification of a fully automated drill pipe “service and inspection” unit.

Asset Integrity Management byutilize data from new technology

XT has wide experience from AIM and collect BIG DATA by the use of QI2 sensor and technology. We integrate this to existing products and systems.


Together with partners, XT focus on Digital Twins. By developing a dedicated software we are able to take the Digital Twins concept to the next level. XT delivers the service from data collection, data processing, modelling and together with VISCO, the final Digital Twins.

Data Collection by: Terrestrial Scanning, LiDAR scanning from drone, Photogrammetry. Industrial Visual inspection: 40x zoom camera, thermal camera, hyperspectral camera.


Our Story

Xtend Technology (XT) is a new international company, based in Stavanger, Norway. Through strategic partnerships with specialist companies, we develop market technology-enabled asset integrity products and services. We service clients in the energy industry, civil infrastructure, and oil and gas.

We have an exclusive agreement with the front end and unique IT / inspection company StructInspect in Austria combining AIM methodology from the O & G to structInspect sophisticated AI function and their specialist and more than 30 year of bridge inspection true their main shareholder Palfinger, VCE and the ANGST GROUP combine their experience and together launch a solution that has never before been available anywhere in the world: STRUCINSPECT.

The core competence of this internationally operating company lies in the automated creation of 3D building models, test reports and asset management of building infrastructure. In the future, construction inspections can be carried out much more precisely, economically and sustainably than was previously possible.

Supported with our own data collection & software know also including data collection from the ground true our excellent partnership with Leica and end the procured tool like IDS / Leica EM Streamer, Opera Duo and the smaller mapping tool for bars etc Cthrue we are developing to a ' one stop shop ' front end digital supplier within infra structure.


Bengt Eide, who is actively engaged in company operations, is the founder of Xtend Technology. Combined with his experience from AkerSolutions and Applus RTD as BUM Europe seeing the trend going from QS to Assets Integrity Management open up for new technology and work methods utilizing to improve quality, efficiency and utilization degree on both resources and equipment able the clients to reduce their cost considerably.

Together with senior partner Rune Gjøse and his engineering background in depth understanding from advanced Scanning and digitalization makes it an unique combination with a practical approach,This combined with our resource pool from modelling, processing and scanning technology and the benefit of the engineering resources from our integrated partner from StrucInspect, BruCon ( Norway ) AOP in Singapore on data collection under water and front end technology from Leica makes us in a Xtended way - front end leading company

Strategic alliances with highly specialized and experienced partners is our strength. StructInspect ( World leading AI technology base and hand on experience from bridge & Infra structure inspections ) These include: BruCon , Trondheim. Well reconised Bridge inspection company. Norway ) Houlder pls, UK, (Engineering), Quasset, Holland (Asset Integrity Management and systems), Quest Integrated/QI2, USA (Advanced sensors, instrumentation and robotics), 3Deling, (3D scanning and processing), Nordic Unmanned (Drone services and data collection), and SafeControl (inspection and services).

XT's business purpose is to improve and optimize managing the integrity of critical assets, by equipping owners and operators with the products and services that will help reduce costs, improve safety and improve, or assure, uptime reliability.

Our advanced sensor systems, wireless data transfer, and data management solutions provide improved options for integrity monitoring. Through our Digital Twins solution - with 3D visualization model by VISCO, we can deliver real-time information on the physical features, measurements or condition of any asset component.

XT's business model is to research, source and supply the best of breed solutions that deliver reliable solutions to our clients. To achieve this aim, we will continously look to improve and expand our services portfolio through the addition and integration of innovative technologies and services that enhance the efficiency and reliability of asset lifecycle management.

  • Civil Infrastructure, municipal and national
  • State Agencies (ex: Norwegian Road Directory)
  • Engineering Firms
  • Energy (oil and gas and green energy plants)

Our services have already gone several test projects with exceptional results in Norway and a scale test will be performed in the city of Cologne, Germany.

Xtend Technology has also secured its first data collection & modelling work with a large Oil base. This will be the basis for a future intelligent 3D model.

It is also agreed to start a test program with three most advanced machine shops in south of Norway for our Lotis QX.C tread inspection tool. Replacing the molding process and reducing the process entirely from up to 1 hour to less than a minute.

We have signed a long term frame agreement with the largest private Inspection & verification company in Norway for our services.

We focus on asset management rather than quality assurance. The industry focus is turning more and more towards automation and monitoring. Integration of digital and wireless technologies with advanced inspection and sensoring systems open the door to SMART asset integrity management solutions. XT's objective is to support our client in finding new ways in a traditional inspection and NDT market to supply our products and services based upon innovative and emerging technologies.

XT focus on delivering added value through automated systems, monitoring and analytics software, new technology and services. This also coincides with the focus of major clients to decrease the amount of human involvement in their processes and on their assets.

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New Technology
Products (QI2)

XT represents QI2

QI2 are an innovative market leader in technology products.


LOTIS QC-X : digital inspection of drill pipe and casing threads.
LOTIS QC-X2: Digital pipe and casing inspection (development in cooperation with Sclumberger)
LOTIS TR : ROV designed for Tank inspection. No need to empty tank. Water/oil/other fluids.
LOTIS PI : New designed inspection tool for long distance pipe line.
QI2 series of sensor technology, military design released for civil use

Clients // Partners

XT has have selected strategic partners that represent uniqueness within their fields either by technology or set up knowledge securing our clients a global view and knowledge of its assets securing the best cost & benefit of its survey and service. Also securing all parts of a typical value chain where its start with the Data Collection, Data processing, Data analyses and Data visualization. We offer the complete or could be in a step by step approach to also include AIM systems , Risk base systems towards complete Asset System Services.

One well recognised gentleman once said: 'if you really don't want the same result or cost, Dont do the same again.'

We have chosen our strategic partnes to control this either as a 'project' or in a step by step approach.

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Xtend Technologies Broadview

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Supported Products:

  • RTL8152B
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Current Versions:

Xtend Technologies (p) Driver
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Realtek USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet 10/100M Controller Driver 6.011 for Windows Vista
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Xtend Technologies (p) Driver Updater

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